5 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

5 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

We have shared numerous tips on how to start lucid dreaming, and what to expect in lucid dreaming once you do. But lucid dreaming requires practice, and in your quest to learning how to lucid dream, often you’ll end up going to sleep and experiencing regular dreams, like the ones you’ve been having before. You may experience a lot of things in these dreams, but have you ever wondered what those dreams mean? There is a multitude of dream scenarios, and each one has a meaning, but here we’ll discuss just the 5 most common dreams and what they mean.

1. ) Flying – perhaps the most common and most euphoric dream of all, flying is said to represent freedom, escape from troubles anxieties, and unleashing one’s potential and creativity. Many people wake up from a flying dream very motivated and empowered to do a lot on that day due to this. However, a flying dream that is difficult (such as flying low and being caught by tree branches or being lost in buildings, or flying slow as if swimming in molasses) may symbolize a personal hurdle or problem that is holding your back from your full potential.


However, there are many other levels of the flying dream, like flying fast, flying out of control, flying but full of fear, and so on, that may mean many different things, which we will discuss in detail in a post specifically about flying soon.

2.) Showing up naked – a dream like this usually starts like a false awakening: you wake up, go about your routine, and show up at school or at work. All of a sudden, you see people looking at you weird, and lo and behold, you look down or we look at a mirror and see yourself naked! This dream symbolizes vulnerability, anxiety, and lack of security, especially when you experience embarrassment when it happens. This may also mean exposing your true self, which is often the case when the dreamer is used to putting up a façade in front of other people.

3.) Losing teeth – this dream is mostly if not always an unsettling experience. Like showing up naked, it can happen at any moment of any kind of dream, but when it does, it is often accompanied by feelings of dread and fear and loss of confidence and capability. And that is the most common interpretation of this dream. Many people see teeth as symbolic of our ability to live (using teeth to eat our food) and be beautiful (our smile), and when our teeth fall out we feel like losing both. When the dreamer tries to gather or the falling teeth and return it in the mouth, it is symbolic of exerting effort to repair what they feel they are starting to lose in order to regain confidence and the ability to live or survive.

4.) Taking a school exam or making a school project – this dream usually ends up with the dreamer rushing to go to school to take an exam or trying to pull an all-nighter to finish a school project, often only to find out they shouldn’t doing either at all! This is often the case with people who have long finished school and yet are still having these dreams. Many interpret this kind of dream as either a reminder to remember a lesson from the past that can be applied today, or as a trigger to perform a self-evaluation to be a better person. In a more practical sense, this kind of dream symbolizes being focused on work or school and is often induced by stress and pressure.

5.) Being chased by monsters/animals/a mob/anything – one of the more terrifying dreams, often inducing very real fear and dread, being chased can pinpoint actual problems in our lives. That is because being chased is symbolic of the dreamer escaping or running away from things that need attention, often represented by the things chasing the dreamer. It can be anything from a mob of people to wild animals, and even aliens and ghosts and monsters. It is said that sometimes the dreamer will have a good idea of what needs to be addressed as soon as they wake up even if they didn’t know prior to what the chasers are representing.

These are just five of the most common dreams and their meanings. There are literally a multitude more dreams, and we will be discussing more of them soon in future updates. For now, listen to this binaural beat track for relaxation to help induce better dreams.


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