Altering Brainwaves To Achieve Success by using the Power of Sound

Altering Brainwaves To Achieve Success by using the Power of Sound

The title might sound intimidating, and most probably a lot of you are doubtful and confused about it. But before any judgment is placed on the table, let me explain as best I can and lay my point across to you.

The basic premise of this article is all about the Power of Thought, or Power of Manifestation, with an added method in using brainwave frequencies to assist in making the intentions happen in reality. One will first need to fully understand the concept of manifesting one’s desires and accept the fact that there will still be action needed in order for the events to take place. For religious people, they have been practicing the power of prayer, and devotees can attest to these prayers coming true. Using that as an example, it is clear how thoughts can be such a powerful energy tool without us really knowing how they can actually happen.

Religious, spiritual, or not, anyone can achieve what they desire. But there are some important things to consider if you truly intend on using this to achieve success in your life.

  • What is it that you truly want? Is it for personal gain?
  • Is it a material desire?
  • Is it a selfless wish?
  • Will the path to get to it hurt others?

Why are we asking such things? Simply because the Universe knows how deep the desire goes, and the intentions behind it and for it. The personal, selfish gain

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doesn’t seem to cut it, but then again, selfish reasons are very debatable. Let’s re-word that into greed. Being successful in life is not a bad thing. Be it for wealth, for a promotion, and the likes, as long as what you want will make you truly happy.

It is important that you become specific with what you want. That way, you can also see the obstacles up ahead. If you want more money, know how to focus on where this financial gain would possibly be coming from. Money just doesn’t fall from the tree. You have to get the ladder, or climb that tree, and reach up for that sweet rewarding fruit. Once you are aware of the possible obstacles that might come your way, you will be able to choose carefully which step to take.

Sometimes, just having that thought doesn’t seem like anything is happening. This is normal. Not everything we want will be brought swiftly down to us all at once. There is still that need to push ourselves into a specific goal. Surprisingly, there are sound frequencies that help bring our state of mind into focus, creative power, and the strong will to gain success.

Using carefully formulated binaural beats, the frequencies used here are intended to guide the listener subconsciously into focusing on achieving success in what they want. Close your eyes, bring forth to mind your goals and dreams, and just listen.

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Sounds are vibrations that travel through the air or other mediums, and they are also another form of energy created when air molecules vibrate and move in patterns known as waves. These sound waves can be heard and felt all around us. In voices, the wind blowing, music, water streaming down a river. It is everywhere. And it is an invisible energy that we human beings have yet to fully understand and acknowledge in our modern society.

When people listen to music, each individual has a different reaction towards it. We often listen to our favorite songs whenever we feel down and need a good mood elevator. The best speakers in the world not only know how to give a presentation, but they have also mastered the element of sound by knowing how to properly pronounce the words and how the flow of the way they speak should be. They can grab the attention of the audiences with the power of their words. Musicians, classic and modern, can feel the art that they pour into their music, knowing the progression of the scales will reveal the soul, or the message, of what they create. Even the animal kingdom knows how to use sound to their advantage. Sonar clicks from dolphins or whales can travel for miles. Elephants can communicate with each other using very low rumbles that we humans are not able to pick up. Even the universe emits sound waves. The mysterious clicking noise of the recently probed comet 67P/C-G is said to sound too eerie and alien-like. Even the planets emit a frequency due to the spins in their orbits.

So how does Sound affect us?

What do you feel when you suddenly hear a crashing sound? Or when you hear a baby’s laughter? Sound affects us in more ways than you would think. A simple sound can flood our brains with all kinds of thoughts and can trigger all kinds of emotions or sensations. Sound is such a powerful force but many of us take it for granted. As the sound waves reach our ears, they have a great effect on our brain activity.

We all have our own unique brain wave flow that varies throughout the day and night. These brain waves are known as Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta, and are categorizes as frequencies. They would change depending on the activity you are currently into, or the emotions that you feel. There have been many studies about the effects of sound on the human mind and emotional aspect, and there are now so many sound and music therapy that has been helping people all over the world.

To simply categorize the different effects of these four brain waves occur within us, the  Beta waves are associated with concentration and alertness. Alpha waves are mostly active during creativity and relaxation. Theta is mostly found during meditation, and Delta occurs during sleep. As the different frequencies found under each brain wave happen, we find ourselves in different stages of thought, emotion, and action throughout the day. Many people know using these audio triggers to help put themselves in their acquired mood.

Now, remember, these brain wave frequencies that are used in sound therapy programs, such as binaural beats or isochronic tones, are not always used for subliminal or hypnotic trances. They are mere triggers to help your mind get acquainted with a particular state. Binaural beats seem scary to use for others, as fear of brain manipulation or hypnosis might occur.

We at Brainwave Power Music has been creating sound and music therapy audio tracks for over two years. The passion and interest were ignited by the use of sound frequencies to assist our state of being into a certain type of mindset and/or emotion. Sleep aids, study, and work audio accompaniments, as well as music for emotional balance, have been our most-listened-to tracks. There is this need for people to seek for that extra push to get to these states of mind, and the compliments we have been getting from our viewers have all been heartwarming. Knowing that we have helped others in our music therapy motivates us to continue our work and research.

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