Are the Soul and the Supersoul Different Things?

Are the Soul and the Supersoul Different Things?

Some may not have heard of the Supersoul and those who have may just assume it is the same as the soul itself. There is, in fact, a big difference between the two, and although they are similar, these two are both very different. One is superior to the other and looks over us, protects us, and divinely guides us as we go through our journey in these bodies.


Where does this come from? 

In Hindu theology, Paramatman is the Supersoul (also known as the Supreme Soul or Spirit) in the philosophies of India. It is the higher Self’ or the ‘Self Beyond’ who is spiritually practically identical with the individual soul itself.

The individual soul is the living entity that embodies our physical body. We are all individual souls that are having a human experience within these bodies and it is our souls that are eternal. The Supersoul, or the param-Atma, means the Supreme Lord. It is said that the Supersoul enters the hearts of all living entities and acts as a transcendental witness.

“I am seated in everyone’s heart as the all-pervading Supersoul and from Me come remembrance, knowledge, and forgetfulness.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita [15.15]

It is said that the Supersoul is directing the living entity by giving knowledge and intelligence from within and acts as a neutral observer, witness, advisor, guide, and friend to the individual soul itself.  We are receiving guidance from the Supersoul and we are connecting with it when we follow our hearts. The Upanishads (Hinduism scriptures) give an example to help explain our relationship to the Supersoul.

Two birds are sitting in a tree. One bird is anxiously eating the tree’s fruits, while another bird is calmly watching him. We are the anxious bird, and the witnessing bird is the Supersoul or Super self.

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The Supersoul with Life and Death 

The Supersoul’s main purpose is to guide the soul in its physical journey and when the soul sheds its material existence. Our souls cannot do anything without the Supersoul’s sanction and when we do so, the Supersoul is divinely watching over us. The Supersoul helps us stay in this world if that is our wish and when we decide that it is our time we respond to the call of our Supersoul and leave this world for good. Once we cross over the Supersoul guides us through and onto the next life. The Supersoul never leaves us, it is always accompanying us.

We can all connect with our Supersoul by quieting our minds and living in harmony. Our deep instincts and divine intuition lead us on the path that aligns us with the Supersoul in order to live out the best journey that we can. The more we listen to this the more of an impact we can see around us that it makes. The Supersoul is always guiding us to better things, more abundance, and more general happiness and it is with us always. The more we follow it, the more we will hear it. It is there for our benefit and we will be better of if we listen to it more.


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