Can Our Dreams Affect Our Reality?

Can Our Dreams Affect Our Reality?

Many of us know and experience that what we experience in our reality affects what we dream about. For many, a wonderful or terrifying experience in reality can get replayed in various intensities in our dreams. But is the other way around possible? Do our dreams affect our reality, similar to how our reality affects our dreams?


As outside, so inside

In 2001, a neurologist named Patrick McNamara made a hypothesis based on the idea that social relationships experienced by people impact the dreams they experience, with 300 students categorized based on the level of their relationship security as well as if they felt alone or comfortable in their daily lives; the categories were secure or insecure, and the study found that students with an insecure level of social attachment had more dreams when they slept, and those dreams were dreary, traumatizing, and more intense than the dreams of the secure group.

The study supposed that it can be a cycle, with the social disparity causing traumatic dreams, which in turn affect social relationships even more. The same can be said for the secure group as well.

There was another research done regarding amnesiacs and those with involuntary mental and physical disorders, like Tourette’s. This study aimed at figuring out why the dreams of these patients were bizarre and odd. They came to the conclusion that these people keep memories in their subconscious, and during dream time, their minds were trying to access these memories and putting them back in place, but like puzzle pieces that don’t fit, produce an incoherent result.  And like the study above, this may affect the way these people live their lives in their reality; the insomniac struggling to sleep due to the conscious mind working on overdrive, which affects their waking mood, for instance.


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From dreams to reality
One study that can be considered as one of the most potent pieces of evidence for dreams affecting reality was done in 2004 by the group of Mark Blagrove, Laura Farmer, and Elvira Williams. A study of around 140 students, who, for two weeks, filled up a questionnaire every morning as soon as they woke up, showed that there was a strong connection between the number of nightmares each subject had and how their well-being was during the day. Worse nightmares had worse evaluations and states of well-being, leading some to believe that their moods may possibly be affected by what they dream about.

Some skeptics claim that it is the other way around, that their nightmares might be the result of their mental state, and not vice-versa, but the proponents of the study propose that the correlation of nightmare to mood the following day cannot be ignored. It is a glimpse of how dreams affect our reality.

As of the moment, aside from these studies that were done and are ongoing, there is no solid evidence yet that states dreams can affect our reality. But the mood bad or good dreams bring, can be considered as such. So one  way for us to have a good reality, is to keep on having good dreams. And our binaural beats tracks for good dreams, like this one, can help with that.


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