We are proud to present to you below our collection of collaboration projects we have made with like-minded individuals who express their passion and drive through their creativity in music, visual artistry, knowledge, spoken word and expeditions, all in the name of a Higher Consciousness and Vibration, Spirituality, of Helping Others, and of Love.

To get to know more about our featured friends and the work we did with them, please click on the images.

Ryan Cropper, the Spiritual Psychiatrist

We are proud to present to you this teaser video of another one of our online joint collaborations with like-minded individuals who share the same passion such as we do.

Be guided by Ryan Cropper, the Spiritual Psychiatrist, as he gives insights and advises on how to properly understand and achieve lucid dreaming. He has been creating videos willing to help others to reach their unique potential.

Anetta Morozova, Flute Artist

We are very proud to present to you a beautiful music collaboration project featuring the lovely flute artist, Anetta Morozova. Using our special blend of binaural beat frequencies that help trigger enhancement of dreams and gateways to lucid dreaming, Combining this with the hauntingly beautiful flute sound elements created by Anetta, this brainwave entrainment composition will also provide you with sound sleep, deep relaxation and access to your subconsciousness, and transport you to The Woodlands, a realm of dreams and fantasies.

Featured Fans and Friends

More collaboration work that we’ve done with friends gained through our music