Earth Resonances and Cosmic Frequencies: Do they really affect us?

Earth Resonances and Cosmic Frequencies: Do they really affect us?

At Brainwave Power Music, we don’t just deal with music creation, we also do a research study on the different effects of frequency and vibration, as we are always hopeful to awaken everyone to open their minds in coming to understand and gain more knowledge about what we can benefit from these types of vibratory audio perceptions.

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There are on-going studies in the scientific circle on how sound seemed to have been used as healing tool elements during ancient times. There are researches still being sought after on the mysterious effects of certain Earth-bound and cosmic frequencies emit that apparently influence human behavior.

Why is that? What have we not come to understand about our own planet and of the celestial satellites high above? Do the pyramids of Giza hold such a sound-healing secret knowledge? Do solar flares affect the mindset and emotional balance of human beings?

Before anything else, this article is written with the purpose of sharing the research done of the topics at hand, and to voice out the questions, theories, and hypotheses that are boggling, not just our minds, but the many as well. What we aim here is to open the door for you in further understanding what is still regarded as mysterious connections of our Earth and other cosmic frequencies to us, individually.

Let us start by understanding a little bit more about the natural frequencies around our own little blue terrestrial sphere, The Earth.

Earth constantly emits different frequencies and electrical waves. Through magnetic field sensors, we are able to pick up these ultra-low electromagnetic frequency ranges that are then interpreted into a more audible sound for our human ears to perceive. The Earth is surrounded by multiple frequency waves that, in turn, create our own Earth Song.

A NASA spacecraft had beamed back a beautiful song sung by our own planet. “It’s called chorus,” explains Craig Kletzing of the University of Iowa. “This is one of the clearest examples we’ve ever heard.”

Chorus is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts and is made of radio waves that oscillate at acoustic frequencies, between 0 and 10 kHz.

The Earth Resonance is also known as Schumann Resonances, named after the German physicist Winfried Schumann who first discovered them in 1952. The lowest-frequency mode of the Schumann resonance is at a frequency of approximately 7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz. Schumann resonances also have gone beyond the boundaries of physics, into medicine, where it has raised interest in the interactions between planetary rhythms and human health and behavior. Imagine the possibilities if mankind further understood these correlations. Imagine what we can advance to in the medical and psychological arena.

In one of our original music tracks, we’ve embedded the Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz to the binaural beats. The aim was to provide a soothing sound and to give the effects of relaxation as well as background accompaniment for meditating.

youtube video (znZMXW4UNQ8)

“Although the existence of the Schumann resonances is an established scientific fact, their presence and how these important planetary electromagnetic standing waves act as a background frequency that can influence biological oscillators such as the heart and brain are not generally well known. When Schumann first published his research the similarity of the 7.8-hertz earth resonance and the rhythms of human brainwaves was quickly realized. Herbert König, who became Schumann’s successor at Munich University, later demonstrated a correlation between Schumann resonances and brain rhythms. Numerous studies conducted by the Halberg Chronobiology Center at the University of Minnesota and other scientific studies have since shown that there are important links between solar, Schumann and geomagnetic rhythms and a wide range of human and animal health and wellness indicators. Even historical events like war, social unrest, military events and acts of terrorism can be correlated with the solar cycles.”

In relation to this, the other planets in our solar system also have their own distinct sounds that were picked up and recorded by NASA’s Voyager. In 1989, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. was approached by representatives working with NASA and JPL to explore a series of powerful recordings which the Voyager I & II Spacecraft had sent back from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These recordings seemed to be having a profound effect on the scientists and researchers who were exposed to them. Dr. Thompson was approached as an expert in the field of sound and healing, and especially in his work with “Primordial Sounds.”  Primordial sounds are human body sounds and nature sounds formatted in special ways to cause a deep response in the subconscious mind.  These are extremely useful in all levels of healing. Could the space sounds actually be Primordial Sounds, also – from outer space but strangely familiar to us?

The “Symphonies Of The Planets 1: NASA Voyager Recordings Soundtrack” album was then released Oct 23, 1992, giving us a sensational auditory experience of what space sounds like. According to other research websites that relate to astrology, our neighbors in the solar system have their own distinct orbit frequency that can be related to various human behavioral effects.

Check out Planetware’s account:
The Sun:

Tone     126.22 Hz = B (a1 = 449.9 Hz / 440 Hz + 38.1 cent)
Color     yellow-green
Chakra  Manipura – Solar Plexus (Hara)
Effect     advances the feeling of centering of the magic and of the transcendental (medicinal: not yet explored)
youtube video (mV3X1o4Q-fE)
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The Sun radiates its own frequency that resonates with our own vibration. The sun represents life, personality, and goals. We have our own sun within our body, the solar plexus chakra. With a subconscious understanding of our connections with the Sun, this meditation music with binaural beats of 0.1-3Hz and 126.22Hz brings forward high-levels of inspiration and spiritual insights. For intentions such as relaxation, pain relief, meditation and OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), the Delta frequencies heard on this video will help you to sleep better and also increase your body’s immunity functions.

The Synodic Moon:

   Tone     210.42 Hz = G# (a1 = 445.9 Hz / 440 Hz + 22.9 cent)
Color     orange
Chakra  Svadisthana – navel chakra
Effect     stimulates sexual energy, supports erotic communication, (medicinal: for a woman, it is good for regulation of menstruation, in general disturbances of gland and lymph system)

For more info on other cosmic tones and their effects, check out Planetware’s website: Table of all tones

As we continue to delve upon the frequencies emitted from cosmic elements, another very interesting account is the behavioral effect of solar flares.

Solar Activity Report from for August 27, 2014:

MINOR STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 15%-20% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 26-27 in response to an incoming CME. Launched on Aug 22nd, the storm cloud is a relatively slow-moving one, so strong storms are not likely. Even so, Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

How timely.

Could the sudden loss of internet connection and awry cellphone calls that can’t push through this afternoon be caused by the solar flare that’s coming in today? Hmmm… maybe, or maybe not since it is reported that the incoming solar storm is not too powerful. But then again, the satellites are out there in space, getting the hits first.

Anyway, a solar flare is a magnetic storm from the Sun, oftentimes erupting and ejecting from the gaseous surface and releasing massive volumes of energy particles. In numerous research readings, there appears to be a connection with solar flares and human behavior, most especially if the CME is labeled as an “X-class”.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind storms appear to occur after intense solar activity on the sun. In Heather Carlini C.M.Ht’s website, she writes an updated account about how “Geomagnetic Activity on the Sun Influences our Thoughts“.
An excerpt from her post:

“Solar activity is known to affect human consciousness. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.  Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxiousness, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, nauseous, queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches. Do you have any of the above lately? Scientists don’t seem to be addressing this, but we all know it is  genuine as we are experiencing it first hand.”

Have you begun to notice these, too? If we are indeed directly affected, which I personally believe we are, then this only shows how much more we need to understand about everything around us. Everything has its own vibration, its own frequency; its own energy. The capabilities of animals compared to the limits of us humans can already show us proof that there is a part of our system that has a weak recognition to the unseen forces around us, and we are all oblivious to them, leaving us to believe we are senseless in being connected to all that is around us.

Maybe if we become more aware about these things we might be able to assess what goes on in our daily life, perhaps even understand ourselves even better. We hope you enjoyed our examples of the music we have created based on the Earth and Sun frequencies, which you can listen to on a daily basis to balance your overall well-being. There is so much more that we do not understand, but we must not fear the unknown.

To read more about Earth and Cosmic Frequencies and their Effects on us, here are a few website articles we came across during our research:

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