Electrical Brain Stimulation Triggers Lucid Dreaming

Electrical Brain Stimulation Triggers Lucid Dreaming

Electrical Brain Stimulation Triggers Lucid Dreaming


Lucid dreaming is considered to be exceptional to humans, and it happens when we realize that we are dreaming within a dream, which sometimes allows people to manipulate their sleeping stories that are identified during the sequence of dream events. This powerful dream state is quite rare, but scientists say they have discovered the mechanism that triggers lucid dreaming.


Lucid dreaming has long been appealing to mankind. When you become lucid during a dream and gain control of the dream, the experience itself has been advantageous, thus studied and journaled for centuries. In the recent century, further psychological and scientific studies have resulted in many methods and exercises that can encourage lucid dreams. The prospect of consciously exploring the dream-space can provide insights into the mysteries of the unconscious mind. Lucid dreaming can also be therapeutic in addressing disturbing memories of constant nightmares.

Scientists made an enormous threshold in understanding the physiology of lucid dreams, which leads individuals to experience lucid dreams by motivating their brains with specific electrical frequencies. Researchers believed that their findings could help with human consciousness and give way to treat mental illness and post-traumatic nightmares.

According to Dr. Ursula Voss, of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, lucid dreaming is a very good tool to observe what happens in the brain and what is causally necessary for secondary consciousness. Together with her team, they found out that lucid dreams occur during REM sleep. At the beginning of a sleep cycle, the brain slows from high-frequency gamma and beta waves connected with waking and alertness. The guide to brain activity advances through slowing alpha waves to deep sleep delta and theta frequencies. Ironically, the sleep cycle heightens in REM, and the brainwaves speed up.

Dreams usually occur during REM sleep, when many regions of the brain become visible to be functioning as if it were awake. When you experienced lucid dreaming, there was distinct gamma activity, the highest frequency range of the brainwave, in the frontotemporal region. The frontotemporal region is connected with functioning, decision making, processing complex stimuli, and self-awareness. The team sees the possibility for lucid dreaming to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or those people that are prone to nightmares to get their fears under control. Any electrical brain stimulation should be conducted under the expert guidance of a physician.

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