Entering The Supermind Through Thoughts and Dreams

Entering The Supermind Through Thoughts and Dreams

We all have thoughts, maybe thousands every day. Some we are aware of and others we are not. However, it is the thought behind this thought, which is the most powerful. It is the view from beyond the retina that is deep in our minds that we must learn to reach. Some people call it the third eye, which is perfectly accurate, and this third eye allows us into the Superworld.


Losing our sixth sense

This Superworld can be entered through meditation or quieting the mind, while others would be able to get to this realm during near-death experiences. But sadly, it is not something many can embark on just yet. Over thousands of years, we have learned only to see what we see with our physical eyes and have learned to use our five senses to live out our lives. This has made people develop into someone who seems very cold, very unkind, and generally lost. This sixth sense is there for a reason and we all have it but we just either do not know how to use it or worse yet, know we have it but choose not to use it. This is no different from waking up one morning and deciding not to use your physical eyes that day. If you choose to walk around with your eyes closed you will walk into things, trip over, maybe even hurt yourself. In today’s world, as this sense has been lost, we are doing just that. We are falling over, we are tripping over each other, we are hurting others and ourselves. Our sixth sense is there for us to use and connect us to what we cannot see around us- it connects us to the Universe.

Using Thought Adventures 

Thought Adventures are when we get lost within the realms of our conscious mind and live within it, where are supposed to be. It is because people do not use their sixth sense that they have been forced to only see what is the current reality, which they may not like, and therefore steer their life in a dangerous direction. This is such a hazardous way to live.

We are taught at a young age to stop daydreaming and to focus on what is in front of us. How sad is this? Our children are the ones that know more than us but we are stopping them from being who they truly are. Thought adventures come to us through messages, intuition, dreaming, imagination, and inspiration, which is the definition of a child. It will serve us well to allow them to just be.

It is important to allow ourselves to just be, also. We are not what we see around us, this is just what we have created, we are what is deep inside us, we are what our thoughts are. Our intuition, dreams, and thoughts are all our connection to the real us but sadly we do not all realize their importance. The sooner we realize them the sooner we can get our life back on the track it must go down to create better selves and people. This will automatically guide us to a more peaceful planet and a much safer environment to create in.


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