Exploring Sex and Spirit through Lucid Dreaming

Exploring Sex and Spirit through Lucid Dreaming

Exploring Sex and Spirit through Lucid Dreaming

Imagine that while dreaming you actually apprehend that you are able to take mindful control over what is happening in your dreams, all of that while falling asleep. This is a sensation called LUCID DREAMING. An enormously intense and delightful dream state, in which you can make your every wish come true!

Vivid dream involvements are many times related to dreams about sex and sexuality. Erotic dreams play an essential role in history, dream theory, and myths. If you have experienced lucid dreams, it will take you to the next level of excitement. Through improving the vividness and clarity of dreams, lucid dreaming can boost intense sexual dreams, and affectedly improves your dream experiences.


We dream because of our extreme activity that is constantly going on in our hidden minds and since sex is one of the most influential and exciting of all human drives, it’s not so shocking that many dreams have strong sexual content. If we have profound needs to do certain things, they are more likely to come out in our dreams where our consciences cannot prevent them from happening while we are sleeping.

A wet dream happens to most guys and occurs when you have a sexually arousing dream during sleep, and your body releases semen through ejaculation. Medically termed as “nocturnal emission”. During the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep, it is normal for guys to experience an erection and ejaculate. Your central nervous system spirits up and your body goes through the same physical reactions that happen when you’re turned on in real life.

Exploring into lucid dreaming sexuality may have some unexpected results due to the power of the erotic energies, and here are some tips on how can you explore Eros safely in lucid dreams:

Eye Contact. Get focused on your dream. Dream figures can connect consent this way. Direct eye contact, especially in the powerful way you say, represents a strong connection with whatever the person or things represents because that happens in dreams and can lead to some ecstatic moments in and of itself.

Surprise Arrivals and Shape-Shifting Dream Figures. Often times we have a fantasy in mind but someone else present in the lucid dream. This is a gentle situation and only you can know what to do. Moreover, the dream brings vision when an unexpected dream character arrives. This person may have something to share that is not of a sexual nature. So pay attention to whispering dream figures. Our minds have deep connections between ecstasy and repulsion, so it’s important to stay grounded and remember that this is a dream.

Stay Flexible. Being flexible when discovering the sensual side of lucid dreaming is good. If you have a strange new fantasy that comes out of nowhere, remember that you are dreaming and in a safe place to explore new ideas. And who says you need to have a dream body to experience ecstasy? Above all, as with all forms of intimacy: love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.

Play Safe. Dream eroticism is just about the safest sex around. Thus, there are some valid concerns to consider because of the intense emotionality that is often accessed during lucid dreams. Often intimacy can cover the powerful psychological aspects that require the highest caution.

For some people, especially beginners, if you are feeling uncomfortable about lucid dream sexuality, talk with an adult you trust. Talking about it is the best way to allow you to feel more comfortable about this natural part of your development with respect, gratitude, and sincerity. You will learn that erotic lucid dreaming can be fun and fulfilling with the right information. So, educate yourself in a proper manner of lucid dreaming.

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