Grounding: The Barefoot Healing Secret

Grounding: The Barefoot Healing Secret

While we were growing up, my father would encourage us to go out to the garden barefoot. He kept reminding us that there is a natural source of energy from the ground. Of course, as kids, running around without shoes or slippers was a fun thing. Decades later, my father came home from a business trip and told us about this elderly man that he met outside the hotel that he stayed at.

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The old man, who sat on a bench by the hotel’s front lawn, was being accompanied by his daughter and her husband. He looked very weak and his eyes looked dazed from time to time. My father noticed the handsome cane he kept by his side, and the tennis shoes he wore, and being the friendly chatter that he is, struck a conversation-starting off by admiring the walking stick. He learned that the old man was just six years older than my 62-year old dad and according to the daughter, the man wasn’t sick or anything, but through the past couple of years, his demeanor drastically changed. My father sat down next to him and offered to advise about receiving natural ion energy from the earth. The young husband and wife held a curious interest, but there was a different sparkle in the old man’s eyes, as my father noticed.

The old man told him that he grew up and worked on a farm and that he did remember feeling different when he’d walk his fields barefooted. He started to complain about the hectic, compressed feeling about living in the city and how the seemingly fast-paced attitude of it all made him feel very tired all the time.

Their conversation was interrupted when my father saw his friend inside the lobby. He excused himself and walked in. A few minutes later as he and his friend came out of the lobby, he saw the old man, the daughter, and her husband about to board a van. The old man went in first, and my father noticed a very odd thing.

He had no shoes on.

My dad approached them to say goodbye, and the old man looked at him with a smile.

He told my father that he reminded him of something very important, which he had forgotten about for decades. There was a different aura about him. There was a mix of excitement, happiness, and real-time presence. The dazed look was gone, overridden by something else. Like Delight.

The daughter came over to explain how excited her father suddenly seemed to be as he weirdly took off his tennis shoes and handed them over to the son-in-law. He told her he’d be walking barefoot in their garden when they get home.

I am always reminded of this story whenever I feel myself feeling stuck in a rut. I am reminded to kick off my shoes and let the natural flow of the earth’s energy seep in me. For some reason, I would always feel refreshed.

The Earth has a natural flow of electrons that not many knows are beneficial to our health. Why do you think other people would advise staying connected to nature?

The atoms in our body are comprised of positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and neurons, and electricity flows through them, making our body electrically charged and enabling us to be conductors of energy. The Earth’s surface is electrically conductive and maintains a negative charge with its free electron supply.

As reported in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health:

“Mounting evidence suggests that the Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. Moreover, oscillations of the intensity of the Earth’s potential may be important for setting the biological clocks regulating diurnal body rhythms, such as cortisol secretion.”

Letting the soles of your feet be in contact with the earth and letting our body absorb the electrons, this is also known as grounding. You will often come across this term while searching for meditation videos or spiritual growth help tips. Grounding offers us a way to openly be one with the natural flow of things. Grounding will provide us with health benefits such as reduced headaches, hormonal balance, reduced fatigue, more energy, feeling revitalized, and normalizes the body’s biological rhythms to name a few.

Water is an essential factor for the natural healing process that our body goes through every minute of every day. When we are well hydrated, it is easy for electricity to conduct and flow, making grounding easier to achieve.

Let one of our original music tracks be your audio accompaniment as you stroll along, allowing your feet to kiss the earth. We added nature sound elements such as rain and thunder, for an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Rain is water, and water symbolizes Life. The sounds of thunder resemble the thoughts of electricity flying within the storm clouds. This audio can also be listened to during meditation sessions or before sleeping.

youtube video (17eQF7-637I)
We hope you enjoyed today’s article, and may it help you in finding balance and harmony within yourself. We hope that you will remember to take some time out from your busy day to spend a moment out with nature. Walk barefoot in your house, while strolling the beach, or in the garden, and be One with the Earth.

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