Harvard Scientists Found Something Surprising About People Who Meditate

Harvard Scientists Found Something Surprising About People Who Meditate

Harvard Scientists Found Something Surprising About People Who Meditate

Did you know?

Science found new studies to prove the benefits of meditation to people. Yes, it’s true! Every day a new study is being released proving more and more of its great effects on humankind.

Harvard scientists discover that meditation is so powerful it can change the physiology of the human’s brain, resulting in progressive changes like a decrease in anxiety and depression.


Scientists gathered 24 participants that have no experience in meditation within an eight-week program on best practices for “mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)”.  The program consisted of 2.5-hour sessions each week where participants learned “body scanning, sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful stretching movements”. On the other hand, scientists also requested each participant to perform at least 45 minutes of boot camp and let them undergo a series of psychological evaluations to examine their anxiety and stress levels before and after the MBSR program.

These results were compared to a control group that went through no meditation training at all during the eight weeks.

Through these tests, scientists demonstrated the comparison where meditation made parts of the brain corresponding to emotion and perception thicker that eventually resulted in a significant after-training reduction of several psychological indices related to worries, anxieties, depression, and alexithymia.

In this study, meditation has a very big factor to make more people emotionally accustomed and less depressed. This is really a good argument to spend time quietly reflecting every single day.

Meditation and other forms of relaxation and mindfulness not only can change our immediate state of mind correspondingly but can also control the stress levels and ability to emotionally relate to ourselves and towards others. Mindfulness meditation has also been shown to help people with a social anxiety disorder and proven benefits in stress reduction.

Meditating 20 minutes, twice daily will help you stay calmer, relieves anxiety, make better choices, and connect to a deeper place within. So, try our Meditation Music: Amazing Brain Sound Dopamin Booster Pineal Gland Activation video to fully satisfy your senses.

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