How Do We Experience the Soul?

How Do We Experience the Soul?

We can connect with our souls in many ways. We feel its presence every day even if we do not know that we are feeling it. It is always there because it is what we really are. Our soul has taken on many physical bodies in its life and you being here right now, is just the current one.


Our soul creates every manifestation that we have around us whether it be physical ones, small creations or even just our personality. It is all soul-based. We feel our soul in different ways every day in a variety of ways.

Our Breathing

When we breathe we connect with the soul. Every breath we take is a way of keeping the soul in this physical world in order to keep creating and keep growing. Our breathing has more of a connection to the soul than we first realize.

Our Dreams

As we sleep and rest our bodies our soul gets given the opportunity to wander. When it does this it brings back messages to us. It brings back inspiration, new ideas, and fresh knowledge. When we awaken with new inspirations and new theories we are connecting with the soul and by following through on these we are continuing to experience the presence of the soul.

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Astral Projection 

When we astral project we are only a soul, nobody. We experience as that the soul experiences and we can explore all that it does too. We can connect with it and be only it, without the ego is in the way. It is a way to trust our soul and to go forth to other realms in order to experience the true life that goes on around us. It is a very intimate time to experience the soul.


Relationships, whether they are healthy ones or not, give us a chance to really feel our soul. Our souls connect with other souls every day and the better we feel about someone and the more love we feel for them, the more we feel our soul. When we enjoy someone’s company when we laugh, and when we feel contentment we are feeling the total bliss that our soul feels and we are totally connected to it. Even when we feel negative emotions and feelings that discomfort we are still feeling our soul except we are feeling the pulling away from it rather than the connection to it. Other people always allow us to experience our soul.

We all have gotten into the habit of life in general, going about our business and daily routine, and even when we have moments of connecting with our soul we often do not realize it and its power. We are souls inside our bodies with divine intuition and guidance. The more we appreciate its presence the more we can acknowledge its kindness and strength. We can trust it and find comfort in its knowledge. Every breath we take, every emotion we ever feel, every time our head hits the pillow we are experiencing, on a very deep level, our complete oneness with the divine.


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