How Does Food Affect Our Vibration?

How Does Food Affect Our Vibration?

Subconsciously, we are all aware of how food makes us feel. Some try to avoid certain foods due to how it makes them feel after they eat them and would choose to eat what feels best.


Usually, the sensitivity to food begins to get strongest as we become more in tune with our bodies. It is because of this that we can become very sensitive to foods that have many chemicals and other man-made substances in them. Foods that we once enjoyed and even craved can become distant memory. Not only is this due to sensitivity to what would be considered bad food but it also a strong desire for good foods. We can go from craving chocolates and sweets to craving fruits and vegetables. If we allow ourselves to go with our desires then we will find ourselves eating more of these great foods leading to a healthier body and mind.

It has been proven that foods, along with everything else in our world, carry a vibration. Foods that are grown from the earth have extremely high vibrations. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds carry very high energy and so when we eat them, and if our vibration is high, they will assist in keeping it high. On the other hand, if our vibration is low then these will help to uplift it. This can be tough sometimes, though, because if we are on a low energy vibration then we naturally receive this. The lower we are, the more low-energy foods we desire. Although this can be tough for people who are used to feeling these high levels of energy daily, it can be a useful tool. If we are craving foods that we know have low energies then we can use it as a guide that we are feeling low energy ourselves and try to steer ourselves upwards.

The preparation of our foods also plays a large part. If we, or whoever is preparing the food, is in a low energy state, then that energy can reach out to the food, too. So, when we make food it is important to try and make it with love. Of course, we are also eating foods that others have prepared and we cannot control their energy but we can control how we feel when we eat it.

Thanks to the laws of attraction, if we are in a high vibration then it is more likely we will be drawn to good foods that are prepared with love because we only attract what is within our frequencies. We cannot feel aligned and be guided to a restaurant where the energy is low because it defies laws. So, let’s all enjoy our food. Being grateful for what we eat is so important and it will make changes to your body too. Eating with gratitude will help the food to do its best to fill you with great nutrition and energy. It will help fill your cells with powerful healing energy. In fact, whatever the frequency of the food, be grateful for it and enjoy every bite and watch your body change.



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