How Does Our Job As A Creator Differ From The Universe’s Job? 

How Does Our Job As A Creator Differ From The Universe’s Job? 

There are three stages of creating within our universe, two of those stages are ours to play with and one of those is the universe’s. When we get mixed up and do a job that is not ours, we cannot see the full power of what the universe has to offer. This can also mean that we miss out on the variety that is in store for us too, as there are hundreds of different ways for us to receive what we have asked for.

What is our job within this universe? 


Our first job is to ask and there are two ways to ask the universe for what we want; consciously and subconsciously. By asking consciously, we use our everyday thinking to purposely point our thoughts in the direction of what want. The more we do this through visualizing and meditating the easier it is for the universe to bring it to us. By asking subconsciously, we tend to ask through the power of contrast. For example, if we are looking at our bank balance and seeing that we do not have enough that month then we instantly send out a subconscious desire to the universe that we want more money. Once we have asked the universe what we want, it is up to the universe to bring it to us and for us to willingly receive it. This part is easy because it can leave us amazed when we are handed everything we asked for. The more grateful we are the more we bring more in because gratitude is key. It is our way of saying that you to the universe. Of course, when we receive things that we subconsciously asked for it can be easy to forget to acknowledge what we have received. If, after looking at that bank balance we receive an unexpected check in the mail we can sometimes not realize that we asked for that and therefore we show relief, not gratitude.

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Allow the universe to bring it to you 

It is the job of the universe to bring us guidance and clarity to what we want. In order to receive the guidance that we are being given, we must have absolute trust in the process of the universe and allow it to do its job. The more in alignment we are the faster our manifestations can come to us. If we are not in alignment then it slows the process down but having absolute belief will sweep us off our feet.

“Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give us the best to those who dream and work” A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Sometimes, impatience and disbelief can make us step in where it is not our job to and stop the manifestation unfolding in its most beautiful way. When we allow the universe to provide us what we want we are always happy with the outcome- it is always fun, it is always inspiring, and sometimes a little overwhelming. When we do not trust and go out looking for it before the universe has had the chance to provide to us it does not feel like an inspiring journey and the outcome never lives up to the potential that it could. If we stand in our own way it also plays tricks on our mind because if our desires do not show up and meet our expectations then it gives us more reasons not to just trust. If we allow and put our wholehearted trust into the universe and allow it to create as it can it means we are trusting in the process of our own creation. We all came here to create and we all have divine support from the energy around us, there is no exception for anyone, no one has been left off the grid, we are all one and we are all connected and the universe works with every single one of us every day.

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