How Important is the Silent Mind?

How Important is the Silent Mind?

The Silent Mind may not be quite what it sounds like. Technically, we cannot completely silence the mind, and the more we force ourselves to do so the more frustrated we can get. In Buddhism, The Silent Mind means that the mind is totally open and extremely sensitive to its surroundings. The silent mind does not judge, hate, feel anger or jealousy and it never feels any form of conflict. It is peaceful.

“When the mind is silent, beyond weakness or non-concentration, then it can enter into
a dimension which is far beyond the mind, the true reality.”
– Upanishads 

When something is in front of us, a silent mind does not categorize it, it simply takes it or leaves it. It does not judge. We can start to silence the mind when we look at our emotions towards things. Naturally, in the world we live in, we automatically judge something or someone. This doesn’t mean to judge it negatively because we can judge positively too, but we naturally categorize things in our mind as good or bad, pretty or ugly, nasty or kind. When we do this, we are judging rather than looking at something as a whole.


When we judge something as bad we put energy behind it, which picks up momentum quickly and this usually leads to negative outcomes. It also means that when we make a snap judgment we automatically reject the bad and keep the good and we keep that idea within our minds. The more we do this the more we disturb The Silent Mind.

How can I reach my Silent Mind? 

We can all do this, it just takes a little time and practice. We can do this by observing our thoughts and seeing things and people for who they are rather than who we perceive them to be. We all tend to look at things through a lens and therefore only see them with our emotions. If we are angry we are likely to see the anger in situations rather than how they really are and if we are jealous, we see situations of jealousy all around us. If we stop running ideas around things and see them for exactly what they are we will allow our mind a chance for peace. When the mind feels anger, resentment, or jealously, it has little room for love and power.

After some time of doing this, what we will notice is an ever-growing world around us. When we quiet the mind we open our hearts and see everything in its beauty. It will make us realize how precious life is and how creative we can be in it. It stops us from having any boundaries that we may not have even realized were once there. We have gone our whole lives with our blinkers on and only seen things through them but now we are open to the universe and we see it for what it really is. Once we have reached this we’ll never go back because a mind that is silent will never want to hear loudness again.

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