How to Get High. No Drugs Needed.

How to Get High. No Drugs Needed.

How to Get High. No Drugs Needed.

Did this article’s title grab your attention? Good! We’ve listed below some ways for you to get “high” without the consumption of dangerous and addictive drugs. Think it’s impossible? Think again. A lot of you don’t even know that you are already feeling that natural high on a daily basis.

We take things for granted a lot, especially the little things that we do every day. Due to the high demands of our lifestyles, be it from work or school, or society,

we find ourselves in a rush to get things done. This leaves us with feelings of stress, exhaustion, and fatigue. What we end up with during our free time would be to catch up on our favorite TV shows, or play computer games, or go out to town for a night of drinking or splurging. Work hard, party harder, right?

Well, that kind of routine makes a person look at the world as a mundane experience. Deep inside you wish for some kind of other excitement to fill your soul. And this is where we will talk about the different ways you can get that Natural High and Raise your Vibration.

1. Meditate Daily 
You don’t need to be a master of meditation. The simple, basic forms of meditation done on a daily basis will give you wondrous results. The simplest form of meditation is for you to find a quiet spot, sit in a comfortable position, relax, and close your eyes. Start by being aware of your surroundings. Of that itch on your leg. Be aware of your body and of your breathing. Get yourself used to taking in deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. For simple meditations, you don’t need to do it for a long time. Quieting your mind for at least five minutes is good. You can also take this opportunity to cleanse and activate your energy hotspots, or Chakras, in your body.

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Meditation will lower your blood pressure, relieves you from stress and tension, and releases the Alpha brainwave pattern which correlates to healing, emotional stability, and overall balance. Once you regularize meditation into your daily life, you will notice some positive changes within and around you. And once you acknowledge them, you will definitely feel a different kind of high. You will feel being High on Life.

2. Pranayama or Deep Breathing 
Prāṇāyāma is a Sanskrit word meaning the extension of the breath (known as prāṇa) or the extension of the life force. Its origins can be traced to ancient India and are mostly practiced in yoga. Doing a conscious, deeper intake of oxygen repeated multiple times in one sitting will give you a natural high and will greatly expand the consciousness and awareness. Physically, you will feel light-headed, and your heart rate might speed up a little bit. These are just normal reactions due to the fact that this is all new to your body and much different than our regular automatic breathing pattern. The basic method of the pranayama is to breathe in deep through the nose, holding it for a few counts and then exhaling slowly out through the mouth. Be aware of your diaphragm as you do this. Deep breathing should not be limited to the chest only.

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Here is a great website to tell you more about what the pranayama is all about.

Just as a side-note, I have a friend who had been doing yoga, and during their pranayama session he swore he felt and saw, through closed eyes, a huge difference happening within him. He was aware of these vibrations all around him and had seen vibrant color spectrums and unexplainable visuals. But his overall sensation was of ecstasy, the natural kind. It was highly probable that his pineal gland had opened, or that the natural DMT in his body came out stronger as compared to before.

3. The altered States of Mind through Binaural Beats and other brainwave entrainments
Binaural beats are slowly becoming known to more and more people nowadays. Scientifically, it has been proven that certain brainwave frequencies are connected to a specific state of mind, emotion, or physical attributes. Some physical and emotional sensations you will feel while listening to a binaural beat track would be tingling sensations on the head and the skin, vibrations that flow up and down your body, feeling of bliss, and even a floating sensation. Since many of our original music therapy beats are dedicated to sleep, relaxation, meditation, and healing, those are just some of the natural highs you will video (Q-L6tbTJE8E)

4. Love Making, not just sex. Lovemaking is much more intimate than just having sex. If you would like to connect better with your partner, do so on a subconscious level. Let your emotions of love and bliss flow through you and share them with your loved one. For many in today’s society, sex is just that. An erotic private moment. But if you involve more than just your body to the act, you will notice a difference. The raw, animalistic hunger can turn into something so much more. The Kama Sutra or other tantric practices should actually be studied and understood further by the rest of the sexually-active society. They are not just mere sexual positions. They have an underlying spiritual connection about them. The word Tantra is Sanskrit for “woven together”. This is the sexual union of weaving man, woman, and the divine together within the physical and the spiritual planes. It is such a delicate, important, and sacred practice to become one with God.

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5. The 33 Spinning Technique
Honestly, this is one of the new things we’ve learned about recently, as we do our daily research on how to further raise our vibrations and be connected with everything around us. The 33 Spinning technique can basically help your DNA, pineal gland, and vibratory energy fields, and it is something very easy to do. You start off by selecting your base point, which could be a chair or a painting on the wall. This will be your count-clicker. Stretch out your arms and using your thumb as your main focal point, start spinning in a clockwise direction, or to your right. Spin slowly at first until after much practice you’ll be able to let go and spin yourself into bliss while maintaining balance. After 33 counts, stop by steadying your feet firmly on the ground, lock your knees, and do your best to stand still. Focus your eyes at something in the distance. This simple exercise, if done daily, will raise your spiritual awareness and vibration, leaving you feeling high and happy.Other ways for you to get that natural high are:Do Things That You Enjoy like doing physical exercise, which will produce endorphins, like running or jogging, or how dancing? Have you ever tried just dancing without pattern or not even following steps? Just loosen yourself up and dance like crazy. Soon enough you will feel like you are in a trance-like state, and this is the great area to be in when your mind is reaching an altered state.

For the creatives out there, like music lovers or musicians, listening or creating music will always have this amazing medicine for the soul. Even singing, especially those who can do the head-tones, will feel a rush from their head all the way down to their toes.

And for those who would like to start off at an easy pace, you can achieve a good, natural high by eating dark chocolate, laugh a lot whole-heartedly, and look at the world through the eyes of a child, grasping the magic and wonder from mother nature.

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