How To Improve Your Stress Tolerance 

How To Improve Your Stress Tolerance 

We all get bogged down day today with our jobs, unwanted situations, or people in our life and it is very easy to let it take over and consume us. Once you have let it take over it can then cause you to lose your energy and before you know it, you have stopped fighting. Of course, there are types of stress that people thrive off and that can be very helpful to someone but what about the unwanted stress?


There are lots of steps we can take to learn how to deal with such stress. We are all very different and unique and some can deal with stress better than others but the more you can learn to tolerate it, the more you will thrive. It can sometimes help people if they can feel hope. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and if we can focus on the outcome of what we are going through it makes it a lot easier to get the challenge done.

Perhaps you could try not to get so lost in your situation. Sometimes we all need to take a minute and step back and see it from a different angle. Remember why you are doing it and how much you love doing it. If on the other hand, you step back and realize that you are not enjoying yourself then do not be afraid to challenge yourself to try something new. Sometimes we can get stressed out when we are in unwanted circumstances but are we making them feel unwanted by focusing on the negative? Try to think about times in that environment that you have enjoyed and learned from and see how it makes you feel. Over time it can help you to feel better and get back to focusing on your challenge.

If you are stressed about something more personal then think about whether it is something you can avoid, like a friend? Do you need to be in that situation or can you turn your attention elsewhere? We all make many friends in our life but what is so beautiful about friendships is how they come and go. People come into your life for a reason and as we grow and expand, we change. When we change, the people in our life change, and it is very normal that our interests change too. If there is someone in your life that is now causing unease then try not to be so hard on yourself, it is okay to let go. It is also okay to not put yourself in situations that you no longer enjoy or feel comfortable in. Instead, try to spend your time with people who make you feel good and in situations where you blossom because the happier you are the more you can observe stressful situations rather than get lost in them.

Look after yourself, go out in nature. Trees have tremendous energy and it is all there for you. Eat wonderful, colorful foods and drink plenty of water. Laugh with your friends and join in where it feels good. Say yes to something new every day and you will soon notice that anything uncomfortable in your life will fade into the background- it has to because you are having too much fun elsewhere. Smile every day. Talk to new people every day and help others. Giving to others is extremely fulfilling and what you put out there you shall receive back, doubled.

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