How to Prepare for an Out of Body Experience

How to Prepare for an Out of Body Experience

Astral Projection or O.B.E.’s (Out of Body Experience) is one of the most mysterious, intriguing, and unexplainable things that we can ever personally experience. It has also been a subject of debate regarding its validity or fallacy, as Science still tries to prove if it is real or just a manifestation of our imagination. But it has been experienced by many people over the centuries. It has been mentioned in the Bible, in Islamic Mysticism, written records from Ancient Egypt, the Taoists from China, in Hindu scriptures, and Buddhists and Yogis have held their belief in this, too. Forms of Meditation have been highly connected in experiencing astral travel, and to this day, many have claimed to have walked the astral planes.

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When I was a child, I did not know I had experienced this. I had thought it was just a dream. A dream that felt too real and surreal at the same time. I was floating away from my own body and saw the roof our house. I saw the lighted city whiz by and eventually the Earth. I kept on floating farther away until the stars and other celestial satellites zoomed out of view. It had felt like a long journey, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying the amazing sights that the Universe was made of, until I reached an area that was made of complete darkness. I thought I had stopped moving and Time had ceased to exist, until moments later I reached another plane that was composed of nothing but pure white, and somehow I knew that this was the edge of our own Universe.

Now that I am older and with my knowledge filled by the persistent curiosity about Life and the Unknowns, I understood what that childhood experience was and what it meant to me. It becomes a humbling experience when you digest the infinity and the mystery that our reality still holds its secrets from us, waiting for us to open the door and explore much more than what this world can offer.

In our previous article about Astral Projection (using binaural beats), we had discussed in detail what an O.B.E. is, what the indications are to know that you are achieving it, and what to do and not do during the experience. Today, we shall reveal some helpful guidance on how to further induce the potentials for you to finally experiencing one, should you wish to venture further into this amazing, humbling awakening experience.

First, you should always remember that you will not experience an O.B.E. at once. It takes patience. It takes practice. It takes time. Many have unknowingly experienced it, and because it is an unrecognizable sensation, their automatic reaction would be fear. We strongly advise you to accept with your mind and heart the following things:

  • Be open-minded
  • Do not panic
  • Be patient
  • Relax

Some simple ways to prepare your mind, body, spirit, and surroundings for astral projection are:

  • get your daily required intake of water
  • detoxification (physical and emotional)
  • balance the way you think and act (positive and negative)
  • get enough sleep every night
  • make sure that you are in a quiet room and will not be disturbed for at least an hour.
  • always be comfortable
  • practice meditation. Learn how to clear your mind.

If you hold any amount of fear of this unknown territory, but still wish to pursue and try to have an O.B.E., here’s what we know about the following:

  • fear of sleep paralysis – more often than not, this is nothing to be scared about. Think of it as just your body falling into a deep sleep while your mind is awake. If you get too scared because you can’t move, all you have to do is take a fast, big, deep breath. Or you can wiggle your toes or fingers.
  • fear of being controlled by some frightful entity or that you might not wake up anymore. – This is not true. You will always be able to be fully awake from an O.B.E. You will not get trapped in some plane. The “dark” entities that many say they see during an astral projection can be caused by many things. Your imagination manifested your own version of a monster, or they could possibly be other-dimensional beings that we cannot fully recognize.
  • fear of seeing “strange beings” – Our theory on this is that if other dimensional beings truly exist somewhere out there, and when we see one, our brain wouldn’t really be able to understand or interpret the frequency of existence that the dimensional being’s form holds. Thus, our brain tries to cope and understand it by injecting a more physical form, creating a distortion of an image. Think of it as like a bad television signal reception.
If you would like to feel safer before going into the astral, you can surround yourself with protective white light. It can be visualized the way you like it. There is no right or wrong with your own protection barrier.


The best times to achieve an Astral Projection:
(This part is very interesting, as I have encountered the experiences at different times of the day.)

  • Before you go to sleep – this will require you to do some “Mind Awake Body Asleep” methods.
  • When you wake up in the middle of the night – you can set your alarm to wake you after 4 hours of sleep. You can then do the “Mind Awake Body Asleep” methods.
  • Afternoon naps – for some reason, when you have an hour-long (between 45-minutes to 1.5 hours) of a nap, your body is heavy and in deep sleep but your mind can be half or fully awake, which is why there have been a lot of recent studies that show quick naps can actually give you a boost of energy and feeling very much recharged.

Here’s another helpful tip on how to perform an astral projection. Are you ready?


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