How We Create A Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones Music Track

How We Create A Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones Music Track

We at Brainwave Power Music are dedicated to creating binaural beats tracks that will be of great benefit to anyone who listens to them. Many people often wonder how we make our tracks, and when we get asked this by our family and friends, the first thing we say is that we don’t just make the tracks, we feel them as we create and compose them. We let the inner voice’s influence inspire us in creating these tracks; after all, music needs inspiration to truly be effective, as opposed to simply letting a machine manufacture random tones based on cold computer formulae.

Here is a general idea of how our composers, all of whom are lucid dreamers and followers of the principles of meditation and self-realization, create the tracks that we share with everyone.


1.)    Inspiration – the composer listens from within which kind of track they feel they want to create, whether it’s for meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or health and well-being of the physical, mental, or spiritual nature.

Oftentimes the inspiration comes from what the composers feel, and we encourage that, so as to make the track much more natural and inspired. For instance, a composer may feel the need to deal with depression due to an experience or a memory and create an emotional health track, or feel the need to connect with their faith and create a spiritual health track.

Sometimes, our themes are inspired by the fans’ and supporters’ suggestions, telling us what could help them or what they need to help them go through something they are experiencing in this current reality.

Either way, inspiration plays a huge part in our creation process.

2.)    Frequency mixing – once the composer is inspired and a kind of track is decided upon, the next step involves finding the proper frequency mix using binaural beats and isochronic tones. Each frequency level from the Delta, Beta, Alpha, Gamma brainwave levels that have so far been researched has its own connection to a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual state of a person. You can find out more about brainwave patterns in our previous blog posts.

This is why, while each track is conceptualized through inspiration, it takes great skill and careful thought to actually arrange the track, in order to provide the listener with the right type of targeted results.

3.)    Composing the music – after the beats have been established, the composer creates the music. It starts with finding the base chord key or musical note for each type of beats track.  We at Brainwave Power Music ensure that each music composition is uniquely created since each is based on that single base chord note. This way, the music will not have dissonant chords that are huge discomforts to such music therapy compositions and their purposes. As well, the music also compliments the binaural beats and isochronic tones, and do not clash when listened to.

4.)    Marrying the two – once both the binaural track and music track are finished, we marry the two in such a way that specific time marks throughout the track will elevate and push the listener into different states of being, but still within the chosen theme-category. All throughout, there will be specially added sound elements, like bells or nature sounds, or other ambient sounds that are placed carefully to both enhance the track and keep the listener’s comfort at the desired level. The composer takes great care to make sure that the inspiration was given by their inner voice, and their own personal creativity and love, are poured into this track.

This way, the end result is not just a binaural beat or brainwave entertainment sound file. It is a musical creation that is both sound therapy AND music therapy combined.

Once the final composition is finished, it is tested on headphones, surround sound speakers, and other ways of listening to ensure the quality desired goes through.

5.)    Adding the final visual touch – before we release the track on our various platforms, we finish it off by creating a fractal image that compliments the track itself. Specific colors from a color therapy guideline are chosen and used in the fractal image creation, which in itself is meant to evoke various thoughts and emotions at a simple glance. Colors and lines and shapes have their own meanings and influential powers on the human mind, and this is why we also consider this image on the final release.

Once these steps are completed, we release the track on our platforms for everyone to enjoy. The creation process from inspiration to composition to finalization is all done through the inner voice’s influence and the composer’s creativity and spirit, making sure that all elements are reflected in the final track. In addition, the composer keeps the welfare of listeners from all over the world in mind; creativity is not made just for the Self, but mainly for Others. Because that is what Brainwave Power Music is all about: taking care of our listeners.

An example of this is one of our creations, Gentle Vibrations – Stress Relief Relaxation Music With Binaural Beats:

youtube video (YaBt0q0Xgr4)

Relieve yourself from stress, tension, and anxiety with Gentle Vibrations using Alpha binaural beat frequencies, concentrating on the Earth’s Resonance of 7.83Hz, which promotes improvement to stress tolerance. As the alpha waves continue to flow between 8Hz to 12Hz, it will provide you with light relaxation, positive thinking, creative problem solving, mood elevation, stress reduction, and leaving you in a very deeply relaxed mindset. With a carrier frequency of 136.1Hz, which is also called the Sun Frequency, this makes the music track also applicable to be used before sleeping or during meditation sessions for overall balance, harmony, and centering.

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