Is Day Dreaming More Beneficial Than Living In Reality?

Is Day Dreaming More Beneficial Than Living In Reality?

First of all, let’s look at reality. What is it? What do you see around you? Perhaps you see people in cars driving around, perhaps you see a garden of flowers, perhaps you see children playing or perhaps you see your own television. What are all these things that you see? Reality?


What is Reality

Yes, this is Reality you see. Everything around you is reality but look deeper. What is reality? Reality is something that someone has thought about long enough in order for it to become something. The cars you see are the manifestations of many people. It is a manifestation of Karl Benz, the man who invented the first automobile in 1885 followed by millions after him who reinvented it each time to make it better and safer. The flowers you see in gardens are the manifestations of the homeowners who decided they wanted a colorful garden. Everything you perceive around you is just other people’s manifestations. Thoughtforms manifested into something real using creativity and skill.

But some are other people’s manifestation that is also unwanted and uncomfortable to us and if we focus on them long enough we draw them closer to us.

Other people realities 

When we see everything around us from this perspective it seems laughable that we allow such things to bother us. If a neighbor has a car that is on the blink and therefore makes a loud noise every time it starts, this is his reality. His manifestation. If we allow it to bother us we will hear more of it and it will become an irritant to us.

Instead, perhaps we should focus more on the wanted. There are plenty of things we would like to see more of in our realities but if we are constantly focusing on the unwanted and on our realities then how will we allow room for the wanted to come in? This is where it becomes beneficial to daydream a little more. Of course, we all have lives and we all have our own realities but if we allow our minds to wander to something wanted rather than focusing our energy on an unwanted manifestation, it will serve us more in the long run. It will tell the universe what we want to see more of it in our lives. If we focus on something negative, whether it be our own manifestation for someone else’s, we welcome more of it into our realities which then makes us even more uneasy.

There is plenty of time in the day to let our minds wander and if it feels good to dream then we should because this is how we, as humans, create the reality in front of us. If Karl Benz did not dream of creating a vehicle that took us around then perhaps we would not have the cars that we now love. All reality started from a dream and a vision and so in order for us to create, we must first create in our minds.

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