Lucid Dream Induction: Using Self-Hypnosis For Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream Induction: Using Self-Hypnosis For Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a skill anyone can learn how to do. However, just like any skill, it can take varying levels of effort to learn how to do. Some people quickly get accustomed to it, others take much longer. But there are many ways to be able to improve your chances at lucid dreaming, and one of them is a method known as self-hypnosis.

What is Self-Hypnosis?


As the name suggests, self-hypnosis is the process that a person uses to hypnotize themselves into doing something. Hypnosis is the act of sending the brain into a relaxed trance that makes it more suggestible than normal. While many people are familiar with hypnosis, it is usually what they have seen on-stage or in movies, wherein the hypnotists make their victims do funny and/or stupid things like cluck around like a chicken or pretend they’re someone (or something) else.In reality however, hypnosis is much more than that, and is used in therapy and personal development.

Similar to meditation, self-hypnosis uses the same relaxation response that calms the person’s body, reduces stress, and focuses the mind on affirmative thoughts. The difference lies in that self-hypnosis uses auto-suggestions that will cement thoughts and affirmations.

How to perform self-hypnosis
This process can be done alone, as the name implies. The setup and conditions are exactly the same as meditation, which you can refer to above. But there are some modifications. Here are a couple of ways to do it without the aid of an actual hypnotist:

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1.    Using a recording – a pre-recorded hypnosis session works, with the verbal suggestions already in place, and all you need to do is to listen to it. You can do this yourself, have a hypnotist, or even a friend do it. All that’s needed is that the voice has to be soft, clear, and easily perceived, something that will not break the relaxation of the self-hypnosis session.
2.    Inner voice – this technique requires a higher level of awareness and concentration, and is similar to the mantra style meditation. This requires you the person to simply, literally, use and listen to their inner mental voice making the suggestions.
3.    Combined relaxing music and vocal suggestions – a pre-recorded session played alongside a powerful piece of music, like a binaural beats track, can also be used.

Basic step-by-step guide

Here’re a few basic steps that you can use immediately, without using the methods mentioned above.

1.    Make yourself comfortable – find a place where you can sit down or lie down comfortably, without feeling any discomfort or cramping. Once there, allow your eyes to close naturally, and let yourself float.

2.    Release your tension – visualize and “order” your body to relax, as if you are melting into your bed or seat.

3.    Visualize entering the dream – usually represented by a downward staircase or a hill, visualize descending, and drift deeper and deeper into your self-induced relaxing trance.

4.    Auto-suggestions – repeat your auto-suggestion script once you have reached the bottom. Repeat whatever it is you wish to achieve, and for lucid dreaming, it will be suggestions like “I will have lucid dreams,” or “I can control my dreams.” Do this over and over until you are ready to end your self-hypnosis session.

5.    Wake up – once you feel you’re done, slowly tell yourself to count to 10 and go back up that staircase or hill, waking up as you reach the top.

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youtube video (vRufCeBfOuw)

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