Overcoming Stress and Allowing Yourself Guidance 

Overcoming Stress and Allowing Yourself Guidance 

Being overwhelmed with stress is a gentle nudge from the universe to have a change of path. The more we push against something and put of energy to something, the more of it we receive. We live in an attraction based universe where there is only inclusion. If we say yes to something, we include it in our vibration but if we shout no at something, we are also including it in our vibration. The only way to rid something is to simply focus your attention to something else.


One of the most effective ways to focus is to think of which thought feels better. If focusing on something that is of concert to you then try not to focus on it so much. Of course, this can be tough but if you can simply find a balance then it will help. If you are choosing to not focus on it just slightly more then then focusing on it, it will soon seem less powerful. Be careful of what situations you put yourself in too. If something does not feel right to you then just do not go there. That feeling is a guide to you that it is not your path to take. Instead, wait for inspiration an guidance and follow it as much as you can.

If you are looking to change a situation then you can do so with ease but you cannot get from one place to another without first appreciating where you are now so have an attitude of gratitude. If you can find positive aspects of the job you are no longer enjoying or a relationship you are no longer happy in then by being grateful, you will soon manifest something more desirable. Do not worry- by being grateful you will not keep yourself there. By being grateful you will stay in alignment and allow your desires to come to you. You are always expanding as a soul and so you must always move on. You will never be stuck in the same place if you allow yourself to be guided. Do not let fear stop you. Trust yourself. Write a list of all the things you love and enjoy about your circumstances and you may be surprised of just how much glory there is around you.

What story are you telling? Are you telling everyone how much you dislike something or someone? The universe has ears and so you are not just telling your friends, you are telling the universe and so, by law, the universe will bring you more of this. The universe does not lead by your wants it leads by your energy. Where you put energy you will receive more energy so try to tell a different story.  Try to tell the good side of the story and not the bad. The more you do this to  more you will believe it and the more you will begin to enjoy yourself more.

Take some time to meditate- just fifteen minutes day will make a difference. It allows time for you to stop any momentum and any resistance you may have on something or someone. By resting the mind it will certainly allow yourself some peace. It will also help  you to control your thought better so you can begin to look at the good.

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