Relive Your Fondest Memories With Lucid Dreaming

Relive Your Fondest Memories With Lucid Dreaming

We all have fond memories we like to recall often, whether it’s a long lost love, an amazing vacation, or a thrilling experience. Over time, however, our minds tend to push these memories further and further to the back of our subconscious, until recalling them simply means recalling fragments or even incomplete memories, making it harder and harder to relive the experience. So how can we keep on reliving these fond memories to their fullest? By using lucid dreams!


How does it work?

Lucid dreaming gives us the capability to control what we experience in our sleep, and allows us to tap into our subconscious. Self-hypnosis is very similar in terms of capability, but has a different approach. Either way, using whatever method allows our mind to control what we see in our dreams, and in doing so, can give us the chance to revisit lost or long forgotten memories.

The Process

1 Set up your room for lucid dreaming. We have discussed this process before. These steps are important to improve your chances to attain lucidity.
2 Play a binaural beats track for memory enhancement or memory recall. Our collection here at Brainwave Power Music has a good number of them, an example of which can be found below. Make sure you will be listening to it properly to achieve the full effect.
3 Set your lucid dream intention to unlock or complete a specific memory. Any memory you wish to unlock can be set as your lucid dream intention; for example, if during the day there is one particular memory you could not remember, use that as your focal point for your intent.
4 Follow the steps to achieve lucid dreaming found here, making sure you follow the right reality checks and cues.
5 Once you enter lucidity, this is where the recall begins. There are many ways that can make this possible, limited only by your imagination!

Talk to your younger self – One popular method which is also used for self-exploration is talking to one’s self, more specifically, talking to your younger self. Find or summon your younger self and engage in a conversation with him/her. Remember, people in lucid dreams behave like real people, and don’t expect your younger self to simply do what you want! Engage in a proper conversation, ask about the memory you cannot remember, and you may even get something more afterwards.

Travel back in time – We discussed the ability to lucid dream time travel in a previous blog post, and you can use that process to your advantage for this one. Follow the time traveling methods we listed, and jump back in time to when the missing or locked memory happened. You can observe it from a far as a third person, or relive it if you wish!

Create a memory machine – Another method is constructing a device or machine that will tap into your memories. This method will allow you to tap into your memories all at once, and find the missing or locked one that you are looking for. This method, however, is quite risky, as it can unintentionally tap into memories you have suppressed or forgotten for a reason, and may have unpleasant results. To prevent this, be more specific when building the machine, placing guidelines that will prevent bad memories from surfacing.

Once you wake up, make sure you don’t forget that fond memory again! Write it down on your dream journal so next time you want to recall, just read! And make sure you succeed in this by having the right binaural beats track for memory, like this one here:

Featured Video
youtube video (zPqJWuKzU5o)

This 4-part binaural beat and isochronic tone Sleep Music segment uses the Sun and Neptune’s orbital frequency in specific and carefully plotted areas to help you get a good night’s sleep and also helps in enhancing your dream experience. The moon’s qualities, from a metaphysical and philosophical perspective, is more of the maternal essence. It rules intuitive thinking and emotions, which is probably why our dreams project various elements and are interpreted and based from the emotional aspects we need to balance out or face. Using the Sun in the first half, this is to provide you with a calming and centering effect as you start to doze off into sleep. The latter half contains Neptune’s frequencies, which can trigger vivid dreams and vast imagery and even dream recall. And embedded within are frequencies that range from 16Hz to 0.1Hz, flowing up and down to help you get into the state of mind needed for your complete sleep cycle.

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