Techniques On How We Can Astral Project

Techniques On How We Can Astral Project

Astral projection is a life-changing experience for anyone who goes through it, whether on purpose or not. Once we see what is there on the other side, or after death, there is the realization that no one ever dies, there is life after, and this makes people very calm and relaxed. It is also an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, where we came from, and why we have experienced what we have. It is life-changing for most.


What is Astral Projection? 

Astral projection is a term used to describe an out-of-body experience,  where our soul becomes separate from our bodies and allows itself to travel.

It can take some time to learn how to astral project and we have to first learn how to relax and be in total harmony with ourselves to allow it to happen- sometimes it is best to try this when you are feeling a little sleepy and naturally tired from the day.

Firstly, we must totally relax our minds and our bodies. We can do this through meditation and taking some deep slow breaths and getting ourselves into a state of harmony.
According to Robert A. Monroe in his book, ‘Journeys out of the Body,’ we first need to learn to hold our attention to something, with our eyes closed, and keep that attention on it whilst drifting off to sleep. Once we have mastered this, we can then go onto learning how to pull our soul out from our body.

Eventually, you will feel a deep state of relaxation. Keeping the eyes closed, we can then focus on the darkness that we are seeing. Some see shapes and colors, but after a while, these will fade the longer we focus on that darkness. Once this state of relaxation has been reached, our bodies are no longer felt and we cannot feel a difference between our toes and our nose. This is total relaxation. This is worth practicing daily until we get used to getting into such a deep relaxation as it can take a while for some to be able to relax like this.

Feeling the Vibrations 

Feeling the vibrations can feel extreme for beginners if they are not expecting them but they are totally normal but if we resist them then we will stop the process of astral projecting- once we know about them, we can learn to feel relaxed within them. Focus on these vibrations, feel them travel throughout the body, and allow it to happen. We can also play around with them, stop and start them, feel them getting stronger and weaker as they travel throughout us, this will help us with control.

The Rope Technique 

This is the most popular technique for leaving the body. The image that there is a long rope hanging right above us that we can reach. Visualize yourself grabbing the rope and pulling yourself up. Beginners may want to practice grabbing the robe and then releasing it and leaving it there. Others like to try to pull themselves out immediately, go with whatever feels best to you. If you manage to pull yourself up, do not be alarmed if you feel dizzy, this is just due to the vibrations vibrating on such a higher frequency. The sensation of this may wake you up and send you right back but do not worry, this takes time and we have plenty of it. Once we can learn this technique and master the art of projection we can experience life on a different plane for a while. Our senses are heightened as we have nobody to tell us otherwise and we can experience what it feels like to be in total alignment. This can help us on a daily basis to know what level we can reach when we are aligned with the source. Many people, after experiencing this, have a different outlook on life completely and on death too. Once you know what it is like out of their bodies, they no longer have a fear of death because it is as if they have seen what else the universe has in store.

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To achieve an out-of-body experience or to walk the astral planes requires much discipline, regular practice of techniques, and the proper mindset to achieve, and not everyone can do it at once. Using multiple binaural beats and isochronic frequencies that make up this brainwave entrainment music track, we focus on what can assist in triggering an astral projection. From 3Hz to 22Hz, these give the effects of deep relaxation, focus, astral projection, stimulation of the pineal gland and can even be used for psychic healing. In order to achieve an astral projection, you will need to become familiar with attaining physical relaxation to the point that you are in a deep trance state, practicing various techniques that can further help you to project, study, learn and be familiar with the different signs that you are near the brink of an out of body experience, and recollection of the astral journey. Such signs of an OBE are sleep paralysis and being aware that you are on the edge between awake and asleep, but always start by surrounding yourself with the intention of protection and safety.

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