The Difference between Lucid Dreaming and Day Dreaming

The Difference between Lucid Dreaming and Day Dreaming

The Difference between Lucid Dreaming and Day Dreaming



Could a lucid dream be nothing more than a daydream, while our bodies are asleep?

In a lucid dream, you are aware while you are dreaming. you can take the dream where you want to go, or to someone, you wish to see. When you daydream you are not actually aware that you are dreaming. When a person is in the state of lucid dreaming, his body is asleep. When a person daydreams, his body is awake.


We can scientifically measure the difference with this following behavior:


  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) – During REM sleep, lucid dreams occur as you feel your eyeballs are flicking around. Daydreams happen when you are awake when there is no REM. Your eyes can be moving or still, but none of these are dependable with the Rapid Eye Movements of sleep.



  • Brainwave Measurements – Brainwave frequencies in the Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma ranges while you are asleep that triggers lucid dreams. Daydreaming is naturally limited to a relaxed Alpha state while awake. Lucid dreaming enlightens us that consciousness is not a precise indication of wakefulness. So if you experience a false reality, it doesn’t mean that you must be conscious, you are just simply having a daydream.



  • Muscle Tone Measurements – When lucid dreaming, you normally have no awareness of your body in bed. Your body lies in a state of what we call sleep paralysis to prevent you from the dreaming state. When daydreaming, you uphold partial or full awareness of the waking world, even that maybe you are imagining a different world in your mind. Your brain makes no effort to control the imaginary body with the so-called motor neuron signals.




  • Daydreaming is fun. Studies show that people daydreams for 70-120 minutes every day. We fall in and out of daydreams, imagining our hopes and fears, reminiscing the past, envision the future, and create fantasy illusions. We preserve awareness of the outside world and can stop and revive the fantasy if our attention is concentrating back on reality. Daydreams are somewhat elusive, so when you daydream of running across the street, the feeling is not really there rather it’s an imagination.


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