The Dream Herb: Calea Zacatechichi (Calea Z)

The Dream Herb: Calea Zacatechichi (Calea Z)

The Dream Herb:
Calea Zacatechichi (Calea Z)

Calea zacatechichi is for any courageous dream explorer who wants to experience a richer dream life. This dream herb that is scientifically popular to increase dream recall, dream intensity, and an experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep.

Calea zacatechichi is a plant from Oaxaca, Mexico known for its effectiveness on dreams. Conventionally, it is popularized by the indigenous Chontal as a way of dream prediction. A Chontal spiritualist would smoke a cigarette and drink a tea made from its leaves before going to sleep. The dream would then give them the answers they were looking for like the reason why a person was sick.


It is also known as the “Dream Herb”. It will thrill you to know that this plant is known for its ability to induce lucid dreams. During the night, the dream herb works its magic by creating vivid dreams and producing consequential insights for the dreamer. Calea Z helps elucidate the senses specifically the inner senses and induces a state of excitement. Other reported results include mild hallucinations and being more aware of sound, where it is coming from such as its depth and distance.

The major effect of the Dream Herb is to increase the vividness and lucidity of your dreams.  Some effects of Calea Z occur in the dream world.  Consuming the dream herb before sleep brings on a state of relaxation, and can also help relieve you from insomnia. You might feel a slight loss of coordination due to the deep relaxation the herb puts you in, so it is always advisable to intake this herb as your sleep aid. The relaxing effects can last through till morning as well. Calea Z will provide a reflection on your dream experiences and the messages they transmit.

These are the proper methods of consumption:

Drinking it as tea. The tea gives you a relaxing effect and an easy way to get the benefits of the Dream Herb. This herb is really bitter. You can take it as tea with lots of honey.

Vaporizing or smoking. Vaporize the Calea Z.  It is significantly healthier and you get the same relaxant effect as in drinking its tea form. It will help you to increased relaxation and produced deeper sleep.

Ingesting Capsules. You could take this herb in capsule form. This gets around the bitterness issue and also ensures you take a specific amount. Find a supply of ready-made Calea Z capsules, or you can pack the dry leaf into empty gel capsules. Take1-2 capsules after 4-6 hours of sleep. This gives you sufficient deep sleep before getting on longer REM cycles.

If you are a lucid dreamer, it really helps if you maintain your desired dream as you fall asleep, having ingested your dose of Calea Z.

Think of your desired dreamscape and direct your consciousness into that scenario, attracting all the senses. Repeat the affirmation in your mind silently. The next scenario will be a dream. You can breathe it in and out, like ocean waves softly caressing at the shore.

Try not to get too excited about the possibilities of your Calea Z dreams. Relax and enjoy the experience, set yourself with no pressure to achieve a life-changing dream or a reflective lucid dream. There will be ample time to analyze and imitate your experience in the following day.

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