The Importance of Balancing Our Mind, Body, and Soul on a Daily Basis

The Importance of Balancing Our Mind, Body, and Soul on a Daily Basis

We’re all three-dimensional beings. These three dimensions are our mind, our body, and of course, our soul. It is important for the sake of our well-being that we make sure all three dimensions are balanced and maintained, but to do that we must first know-how.


Activating our minds 

There’s so much technology around us that we don’t always use our minds to their full capacity because the general population uses cell phones daily to thumb through social media and to watch videos posted to us from all around the world. By doing this, we are actually numbing our minds and not exercising them. To activate our minds, we must learn, we must read, and listen to others. We must soak in every part of it. There is a vast amount of knowledge out there for us to seek, but we have to make the effort to seek it. Activating our minds can be found in books and it can be found in the words of those who are different from us. It can always be found within us if we take the time to listen to our subconscious.

Activating the body 

Any type of exercise is good for the body and for the organs that are within the body, but what about exercise that is less vigorous like Yoga or Pilates? These types of exercise focus on our breathing, which actually helps to fortify our cells. With each breath, we move our body and activate different healing energies within us which helps us to feel happier. Along with this, exercise is good for the mind because the body wants to move, it is made to move. When we do what the body wants we feel happier. It is also important to feed the body what it needs. Eating foods that aren’t real foods and starving it of nutrition is damaging for our health and we eventually feel its effects. Feed the body all the nutrition it needs.

Activating the soul 

To activate our soul, we should be at one with it and connect to it every second that we can. To connect to it, we must meditate so that we can hear its guidance. Our intuition is that guidance and when we follow it we are activating our soul. We also activate it when we act as it does. This is done through giving to others and by making every decision with love, as our soul does.

When we activate all three dimensions we are naturally a more peaceful person. It gives us a better sense of well-being and of purpose because our bodies and souls are receiving exactly what they need to grow and to strive. In this fast-paced world, it is easy to forget who we really are and what we’re capable of but once we find that connection between our dimensions it becomes so easy to live our lives to their highest potential.


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