The Power of Affirmations and Why They Work

The Power of Affirmations and Why They Work

What is a belief? A belief is something we know with our whole being to be true. Why do we think it is true? We were told growing up it is true, we have seen proof that it is true and therefore, it is true. To affirm something is to declare it true and affirmations are simply this; a belief of the truth. The more we say them, the more we believe them and when we believe them they become true. And the more we love ourselves, the more we shine.

When we repeat an affirmation over and over again, a few things begin to happen. First of all, you are declaring to the universe that this is what you desire. By doing this, the universe can then start to find the multiple ways in which it can bring it to you, which can range in the hundreds. If it is money we are asking for then we will see many new job opportunities around us or other investment opportunities. If it is clear skin we are asking for then we will begin to see more skin products around us or new theories that treat skin… even more advertisements on the importance of drinking water.


However, it can be tough for some as sometimes saying one thing when the complete opposite is ‘reality it can create a feeling of being stuck. For example, if you are saying to yourself that you are grateful for your current finances but your finances are at a poor vibration then it can feel uneasy to affirm this, and if anything, it makes it worse. The more we ask from a desperate vibration the more we actually affirm the opposite. If we try to affirm we have money but our minds are telling us we do not and we continue to ask from that place of not having then we are affirming that we do not have it. This can be simply rectified, however, by simply changing our wording. We can soften our language by using words such as ‘wouldn’t it be nice if‘ or ‘I would like it if…’ For example, wouldn’t it be nice if I could earn more money? This is a lot softer and although it is not a direct ask, it is an affirmation and it serves a better purpose because it is more believable for you. Of course, it would be nice to earn more money!

The more we get used to affirmations the more we begin to believe their power and see their presence in our lives. We should try not to be too hard on ourselves and accept ourselves for who and where we are. We can have a lot of fun with these and we can ask for anything. We can believe anything. After all, everything we see around us is something that someone thought about long enough until it came into physical reality. Car, bikes, homes, clothes, shoes, are all examples of something someone thought about until it was made and developed. Our lives are the same and if we think about anything long enough it will show up for us.

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