The Power of Dreaming 

The Power of Dreaming 


Our dreams release to us what it is we desire the most. As we go throughout our life, we subconsciously gather momentum through the experiences we live and what is around us that we see. Without always realizing it, we are gathering knowledge and putting it all together as a list of wants for the universe to read. As soon as we release a desire, the universe instantly offers it to us in ways we cannot imagine but it is up to us to allow it into our lives. If we resist, it cannot come.

This is where our dreams come in. As we sleep and as our body rests, our consciousness is still running as it always does, sifting through the wants and desires that we have been so beautifully collecting. As we are asleep, we offer no resistance to the universe and therefore the universe is being allowed a chance to offer us what we have been asking for if we are too closed off whilst in our awake state.

Some dreams can feel wonderful, fulfilling and delicious. Other dreams can feel the opposite. They can feel like a struggle or show us something we are not wanting. However, your dreams are showing you which drum you have been beating. If you have been beating the drum of what is lacking, like money worries or job opportunities, then your dreams will play this to you. On the other hand, if you have been focusing on the good you have and how everything works in your favor, you shall dream a dream where all is well.

When we wake, it feels like we have been dreaming all night but it is not quite like this. As we wake and merge from non-physical to physical our mind offers us a vibration that we may not be allowing whilst awake. Our mind is softly giving us a quick preview of where our energy is mostly focused before we awake and fall back into the vibration we fell asleep in. 
Sometimes, it can feel difficult to remember your dreams. Some people remember them as soon as they awaken, others get flashes throughout the day and other say they do not dream at all. If we remember a dream it can help to write it down. The more aware we are of dreaming the more likely we are to see them more clearly when we wake. By seeing our dreams we can then clean up our energy. If we are always dreaming about the lack of something then we will continue to have lack because our dreams are simply telling us that this is where our focus is. So, once we realize this, we can change our focus and either put it on something more wanted or clean up the negative vibrations on that topic. If you notice you are dreaming about having a lack of money then try to be more conscious of your thoughts towards that subject. Be grateful for what you have and try to control your thoughts to stay on “thank you for the money I receive” rather than, “I cannot afford this”. 
Once we are aware of how important our dreams are we can begin to clean up any negative energy that we are allowing to flow through us. We all have choices throughout the day where we can choose a thought that feels nice to us or a thought that does not. We can choose who to spend our time with and what we do within this time. We should always put ourselves in circumstances of joy and the more we do this, the more our dreams will remind us of just how powerful we are and also that what we have been visualizing is right around the corner. 
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