Regret is one of the most powerful emotions that many people feel, especially for the dying who, on their deathbed, often express the heavy burdens of regretting the things they didn’t get to do when they had the chance to do them. Regrets are not just expressed by the dearly departing but by each and every one of us. We get haunted by the thoughts of “I should have” “Would have” “Could have” and replay different scenarios of the possibilities brought about by the “What Ifs”. Time gets wasted. We get wasted; into a deep pit where we allow ourselves to wallow in the Pool of Regret instead of taking action and just doing it.

Why wait for the last days of our lives to realize these things? Why set it aside and leave things taken for granted? Regret does not only affect and reflect our inner-selves, but they are also perceived by those around us.

Below is a list of the top things people regret doing



1. Wish I was more true to myself and not care what other people think.
Being overly conscious about each and every action you are about to do is not healthy. You are not being true to who you are. You will tend to hold back from even voicing out your own opinions due to fear of rejection and criticism. This leads one to become quite socially awkward and seemingly trying too hard to fit into society. Many times, there are regrets of not being able to stand up for yourself, which results in you holding silent grudges. Take a stand! If you know you are right about something, say it.

2. Wish I didn’t work so hard. I should have made more time for my family and with people who mattered.
There is a big difference now with the working generations of our grandparents and the current working adult brackets. Before, society had been quite strict, unknowingly to the majority of the people. During the time of our grandparents and parents, the usually required steps in order to live a good life are to study hard and get a 9-5 job. Now, there seems to be more freedom when it comes to Time Management. Thanks to the internet and fast-developing technology for communication, we can now spend more time to contact loved ones.

3. Wish I had pursued my passions, my dreams, my aspirations. Wish I had accomplished more in my life and not afraid to take risks.  
This is where one starts to regret the chances they didn’t take. They did not live more in the moment. There are many factors that could hinder one to not do what they dream to do, but it should not stop you or create a roadblock. If you really want to, you can always make time for it. We should also not be afraid of taking risks. Being aware of these things should encompass the acknowledgment and understanding of all the possibilities that come with pursuing your dream. This is where our battles with the Self comes in. This is where we judge our Self Worth.

4. Wish I said “I Love You” more. Now, this is very important. Love is one of the major players of Life. This should not be taken for granted. This is not only what people who are dying say they regret, but it is also the case for many who had lost a loved one. Love is unconditional. Love has no boundaries. There are many people who find it hard to say these three simple words, but it will matter greatly to the one you say it too. Why wait until it’s too late to tell someone you love them?

5. Wish I had saved more money for my family.
Money is such a necessity. For many, they think money can solve all problems. For others, working hard is to provide a comfortable life for their family. But this also ties in with not being able to spend more time on their loved ones. And it adds up to the pile of regrets when the end of one’s life is near. Many people tend to spend on leisure and not think of the consequences thereafter.

6. Wish I had traveled more.
To travel the world requires many things. Money and Time are high on that list. As one daydream and aspired to travel, most of the time they get pulled back down into reality because of expenses constraints. But there are many ways to go around the road-blocks. You just need to find out for yourself how to go about it. This is also where some regret living in the moment; deciding to just pack up their bags and go. Traveling gives you growth. It educates you. Experiences are the best teachers, as they say.

7. Wish I had taken better care of myself, my health, and realize that I am a “beautiful” person.
More often than not, we start to realize the value of health when it is already too late. And as we grow older, our body also starts to wear down. Take the time and start now to take care of yourself. Get into an exercise regime, or change your eating habits to improve your diet. As stubborn as most of us are when we were younger, it is difficult for us to realize how important health is. As young adults or teenagers, we had bigger stamina and higher energy which makes us think and feel that nothing can harm us. But the sickness of all kinds breaks our walls, and we don’t realize how “beautiful” we actually were when we were healthier.

8. Wish I could have shown more gratitude to others.
We take people for granted. This happens a lot. We don’t show enough gratitude for others who have done us good. We think we can just let them slide, but in the end, it haunts us still. To show your appreciation takes a simple message, a phone call, or a gift if you prefer to do so. Showing your thanks takes your relationship with the other person to a higher level.

9. I should have made myself Happier.
This would be one of the most expressed regrets made by people who are dying. It all goes back to the Self. How one had lived their lives. Did they live it to its most potential? Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is gained by the good you do for yourself and for others. Happiness can come in many different forms, be it on a small or grand scale. Simple joys felt every day can make a huge difference in one’s life. Worrying and shutting off one’s self from the world just leaves you to view your life from a third-person point of view, as if you were reading a fiction novel filled with What Ifs and What Would Have Been.

Why wait before it’s too late? Make a change NOW and LIVE YOUR LIFE in a way that will leave you with NO REGRETS. 

Get motivated in reaching for your life goals. It’s never too late to do it!

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