What Are The Physical Signs of a Spiritual Awakening? 

What Are The Physical Signs of a Spiritual Awakening? 

Last week we looked at the mindful symptoms of a spiritual awakening. This week, we will look into the physical symptoms that many of us experience through this journey. Some may resonate with you whilst others may not. Some you may not even realize is part of the journey until now, but there are a variety of physical signs you are awakening.

Itchy Scalp and neck 

Many describe the symptoms of an itchy scalp or neck. This is due to the opening of the crown chakra as our mind and body are adapting to other realms. When our body aligns with itself and opens up to other levels it can be a little uncomfortable on the top of our heads where we feel the sensitivity of awakening but do not worry, this does not last forever.

Vibrations within the physical body 

Some describe the feeling of physically vibrating. When experiencing this it does not feel uncomfortable or painful or even scary. It feels calm and peaceful, so it is nothing to be afraid of and chances are, it will only happen whilst the body is adjusting. The reason we can feel this is because our body is finally connecting to all its powerful energy and is adjusting to it. We grow up not using our total power so the body needs time to figure out what to do with it.

A change in diet and appetite 

One of the most popular symptoms of awakening is the change in diet and appetite. Many say that they lose their appetite but really what is happening is that the body only eats what it needs. We are in a world where food is constantly available to us and indulging becomes the ultimate norm, but upon awakening, when we connect to a source, our bodies only feel the need to eat what it needs when it needs it and all cravings tend to leave the body. We also find an aversion to foods with pesticides and chemicals in it- it can even seem quite disturbing that we once ate it and others still do.

Becoming sensitive to energy 

It is also very typical for people to become vegetarians and vegans through this journey for a couple of reasons. The first one is connected to another symptom- creating a strong connection with animals. We see the love in all creatures around us, why would we want to eat them? The second is the feeling of the energy in the body. We become extremely sensitive to our energy and can feel the energy of the animals we eat. So, if an animal suffered or felt fear, our body can then feel the energy pulling us down so we naturally gravitate to eating plant-based food.

Some of these symptoms continue as we follow our journey. We become very aware of taking care of ourselves the best way we can and giving our body exactly what it needs. We become very connected to everyone around us and see the love within them all. This entire journey is a blessing and every part of it seems fun and exciting. It is also very personal to us and although many others have gone through the journey they all experience it in their own way and sometimes it may be frustrating when we try to explain to others how we feel. Enjoy the uniqueness of your experience, reap in the excitement of the journey of others and look forward to meeting the real you.


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