What Does a Spiritual Awakening Really Mean? 

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Really Mean? 

There are many beings among us experiencing the journey of a spiritual awakening. Those who are awake are the ones that want to be awake at this moment to enjoy watching the journey unfold, step by step, as we all begin to blend.


This beautiful unfolding of the minds around us as, as we seek, one by one, to understand more about how it works in the non-physical.  As humans, we tend to separate ourselves from our inner beings as we journey along our path of enlightenment but really, it is already there inside us, it is us that is eternal and so we should simply allow it to come out where we can see it, rather than seek it out. As we follow our guidance we will be shown the way.

There is a premise that tells us a spiritual awakening is allowing our sub-conscious to be conscious which is indeed correct but it would be more appropriate to word it more like this:

It is letting go of what we have been pushing for all this time. 

There are many physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that have been known to come with such awakenings because again, as humans, we need to put things in boxes to understand them. All of these symptoms have happened to most of us who have gone through this journey but there is more to it than this. As we have grown up we have naturally learned to work hard, push for more, even fight for more. A spiritual awakening consists of doing all we have learned, the opposite way. It is allowing resistance and ease, and it is also allowing permission from ourselves to do so despite the opinions of others. As we learn how powerful we are we begin to let go a little and loosen up and as we do so we allow our subconscious to be seen and therefore guided. The more we do this the more we can get creative and enjoy our time here more. This allows our curiosity to grow as we want to learn more about why we are here and just how much power we hold in our universe.

By allowing our subconscious to lead we experience life through the eyes of source and source is at our highest frequency. By living from our highest frequency we get to live through loving others, appreciating every circumstance, and understand everything as our inner-being see’s it- which is very different from how our mind sees it. The more we grow, the more we light up the path for others to join us. As we awaken spiritually we learn who we really are and this journey never ends because there is an unlimited amount of resources available to us to create all it is that we desire. We are now in a time where we can live to our fullest potential as human beings.
“When people have intense spiritual experiences, the energy of love is nearly always evoked. This form of love is unconditional, absolute, and transcendent. It is like a pulse of pure energy, an energy that also possesses powerful attributes, such as wisdom, compassion, timelessness, and sublime consciousness.”
– Dr. Brian Weiss, Messages from the Masters. 

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