What Does Finding Yourself Really Mean?

What Does Finding Yourself Really Mean?

We are all here to create and enjoy our life experience and the best way to do that is to be as happy and joyful as possible. It is fun to feel passion, enthusiasm and positivity and the more you feel like this the more you can discover yourself because the real you is the you that is your divine self, your inner being.


We can enjoy our creations such as houses, cars, relationships, jobs and all the other materialistic manifestations at our fingertips but what we should also enjoy is finding who we are and how our mind works. As we grow up, we are learning the views of our parents and piers and as we get older, we may notice that our solid opinions are purely the opinions of others that have been drilled into us. Finding out who you really are is separating yourself from that. What do you believe? What do you like?

The more you discover who you are the more you will enjoy it and be fascinated by what you believe and why you believe it and how it is you react in certain situations and why. It is so important to love yourself for all of these wonderful things and to enjoy the journey of self discovery.

Some find this particularly painful because many people do not like to look in the mirror. It is quite normal to blame others for their own upheaval and to feel anger towards someone for doing something you disapprove of but the more we discover about our beautiful universe, the more we realize that all these circumstances are simply reflections of us. Once we realize this,  it can feel extremely uncomfortable to blame another for something that you know deep down inside you is in fact your own fault and your own reflection; a manifestation that has been created through a negative thought.

Once learning this you can feel uncomfortable for a while. You will probably find that the more you begin to line up with your inner being the more painful it can be when you have a bad day or the times when you are simply feeling a little off. It is so important to let this be. The reason it feels like this is because you have finally felt what it is like to be the real you, a happy and joyful, enthusiastic you and so when you feel jealous, angry, disappointed, it hurts a lot more. Although it can be difficult, we must be grateful for these feelings because it is showing us we have been living on a high frequency. Getting angry at yourself or feeling guilty for your behavior is unnecessary. Enjoy the journey of learning who you are and be grateful for the times of confusion because overtime, they will help you to clarify what it is that you do want.

There’s something so magnificent about you. I have been studying me for forty-four years. I want to kiss myself sometimes! Because you’re going to get to love yourself.  I’m not talking about conceit.  I’m talking about a healthy respect for yourself.  And as you love yourself, you’ll automatically love others – Bob Proctor

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