What is lucid dreaming, and why should you lucid dream?

What is lucid dreaming, and why should you lucid dream?

You’ve probably run across the term already online: “lucid dreaming.” And wherever you have seen it or whatever the source, lucid dreaming, what it is and what it does, can range from the fantastic to the horrific and everything in between. And with the wealth of definitions available online it is easy to get lost with either unrealistic expectations, or unfounded fears. So, let’s set the record straight: what exactly is lucid dreaming, and why should you try to lucid dream?


Before we understand what lucid dreaming is, it is important to understand what dreaming is first, as is. To put it simply dreams are involuntary images, sounds, feelings, ideas, and even emotions, created by the brain as we sleep. Note that it is emphasized that normal dreams are “involuntary”, as this is critical in defining what lucid dreaming is.

Many of us are thrust into a dream, or worse, a nightmare, without any control when we sleep. And whether the images are pleasant or unpleasant, once we’re in a dream, we’re in it as passengers, without knowing what we would experience and for how long.

A lucid dream is exactly like a normal dream with two crucial differences.

First, -you- are in control of it. Instead of merely being a passenger, you are the writer, director, sound engineer, action choreographer, and cinematographer, all rolled into one. And of course, you also get to experience your creation. Everything is possible, from simple flying to mind-boggling creations that seem to bend time and space and defy all rules of logic and physics. Done correctly and to its fullest potential, it is even possible to communicate with your own subconscious, which may push your own personal limits.

Second, lucid dreams are even more potent than normal dreams, turning into an alternate reality altogether where what you sense can be as real as it gets. So much so that you might think of it as actual reality itself!

And this is often where people get divided into either being very fascinated, or being scared. We will tackle the pros and cons of lucid dreaming in another upcoming article, but what we can say with certainty is this: done correctly, there is nothing to fear about lucid dreaming.

So why should we even try to lucid dream? Why not just leave your sleep and dreams alone and not risk something so powerful possibly harming you?

There are many good reasons why we should at least try to lucid dream, the majority of which we will be discussing soon. But the most general reason to lucid dream is to simply unleash the full potential of your consciousness and your brainpower.

Imagine having deep within you the power to experience the best, most profound freedom and escapism we often seek in watching movies or playing video games, with everything being catered to your needs (i.e.: you’re the hero!) Imagine being able to tap into your subconscious to try and solutions problems in real life, whether it be for work or personal before you even attempt them in the real world. Imagine having the most potent drug that artists and scientists can only wish they have to create their works, right at your fingertips, to help you in any creative or technical pursuit you may have.

Aren’t those basic reasons enough to at least give lucid dreaming a try?

If your answer is yes, then we can help you. Start by conditioning your mind for a relaxing sleep by watching this video, which aims to promote relaxation and peace of mind. And stay tuned for more tips in your journey to become a lucid dreamer.


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