What Is Spiritual Wellness?

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is a perception of what we value in our lives. Many people are looking for more in their life these days and are realizing how much more there is to life. Spiritual wellness leads to looking within ourselves and finding who we really are. Usually, our beliefs are simply the beliefs of others that we have learned growing up and our action are the actions we have learned that works for us in different situations. As someone grows in their spiritual wellness they shed a layer from themselves revealing who they really are. This can be an extremely emotional process as it takes a lot for someone to look at themselves for who they have become. It is also difficult to figure out what you believe in and what you want, not just what others have told you that you should.


As we grow up, we naturally mimic our parents, guardians, friends and teachers. This is not to say that we learn bad habits but it means we do grow our opinions from others and from watching what others do. By learning more about yourself, it will cause a natural flow of love back to you. You will learn about who you really are, what is important to you and you alone, and what you value for yourself and not just for others. This will help you to love yourself unconditionally and once you love yourself, you will radiate this onto others.

Decoding Your True Identity

This process helps us feel more love, more empathy, and understanding for others. It can give us a way of observing others and understand that everyone’s actions and reasons for something even if it is not the path we would take. It can be easy for anyone to do this but a lot of people get lost in the emotions of others and feel their pain and sorrow. Someone with spiritual awareness can feel empathy by simply observing, understand and sending their love to the other. They do not get inundated.

We can reach these steps through meditation, visualizing, affirmations and yoga.

It is also easier to see and understand that we are all one, all connected energy. By observing the world like this it makes it a lot easier to understand different situations and love people unconditionally. A person with spiritual wellness will always desire to look within themselves and learn how to naturally flow with the universe to give themselves the best experience whilst on this earth. They know that they are more than a body, they are a spirit which lives on eternally and that their current lifetime is simply one of many. We are always growing and learning and not just through this life, through many others we have had and the more we have yet to come. We are expanding spirits with an infinite amount of power to tap into and once that energy is tapped into and experienced, you will never be able to go back to being the old version of yourself.

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