What is The Observer? 

What is The Observer? 

The observer is a technique that can usually take quite a long time to master and use to its full benefit. The observer is when we manage to take our thoughts and feelings and separate them from our emotions. It can be tricky to do at first and of course, we still want to feel our emotions but we do not necessarily need to drown in them.

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The Importance of our Emotions 

Our emotions are extremely important to us. Many people do not realize just how important but they do know that some feel good and others feel bad. It feels good to feel the good ones and not so good to feel the bad ones. What these emotions really do for us is to guide us. If we are feeling happy, joyful, positive, then we are setting out on a journey that will be extremely rewarding for us and will be led to a wonderful destination that we have asked the universe for. However, if we are feeling negative emotions we are doing quite the opposite. Not necessarily going down the wrong path but we are going down a path that will not be so fun and the ending will not be enjoyable to us. Our emotions are so important for us to stay on track but we also learn from contrast and life will always show us things that are displeasing to us because it is one of the ways we learn, but what happens when we get overwhelmed with these negative emotions?

Becoming the observer 

When we get overwhelmed with these emotions we attach thoughts to them and these thoughts are never particularly pleasant ones. In fact, they are detrimental and only send us spiraling further down. A technique that we can learn is to simply observe the emotions but not allow ourselves to feel the full force of them. The reason this can be tough at first is that once we learn that balance of living mainly in alignment or on from those higher emotions, it makes the lower ones seem all the more painful.  What usually happens is one naturally becomes an observer when they reach the stage of not wanting anything less than to feel elated always. When we start to feel negative emotions we can simply acknowledge them, notice we are feeling them and accept that we are feeling them for whatever reason, and then decide how to handle them. We can then go forward to take action to turn those emotions around, be grateful for their lesson, and jump right back up to those happier stages. We can do this with our thoughts, too. We can watch them float but and not attach any emotion to them.

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We can all learn to do this, it just takes time. For some, it just comes naturally due to wanting to always feel elated and that is great when that happens but for others, there is more work to be done. It can come after you find that balance of your emotions but with the balance comes sensitivity and although sensitivity is a good thing, it does not always feel like it. It can certainly be a struggle when we suddenly start feeling every scratch and bruise on our emotions but we eventually find that harmony of living in the higher consciousnesses until we reach the peak of standing tall in our minds and watching as we beautifully learn our way through this current lifetime.


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