What To Do To Change For The Better

What To Do To Change For The Better

Many people find themselves stuck in a place in their life wherein they feel like they don’t know what to do, or worse, that where they are at this moment is a bad place. But while most may succumb to the despair of these negative situations, looking at it from a different point of view, it may be a catalyst for bigger and better things, especially when despite how hard things are, there is still an internal calling to grow. When this happens, it may be time to take action to make things change for the better! 


The Signs
There are many signs that we can look out for to see if it is time for a change for the better. Here are some:

  1. There is an internal sadness or general discomfort about your life – this is a general sign that will often be the first. When we feel that we are sad or uncomfortable despite everything we have done or are doing with our lives. This can come from anywhere and at any time and is usually a signal that there is a higher calling than what you are doing right now.
  2. There is a feeling of being alone despite having “friends” and “colleagues” around – tied into #1, this happens when the mind subconsciously decides that the people you surround yourself with are not really the people your soul is meant to be with. Perhaps it is searching for more like-minded and like-souled individuals, hence a calling for change.
  3. You feel misunderstood and out of place – conversations with friends and colleagues don’t turn out the same as before, and you feel like you are an outcast because of your ideas or beliefs.
  4. Accomplishments don’t feel like victories – usually tied in with work or career, accomplishing bottom lines and goals don’t feel the same as they used to, and in fact, make you even sadder and more disappointed.
  5. There is a general feeling of unsatisfaction – everything from the things you have to the money in your bank account, whether too much or enough, isn’t giving you joy anymore.

Usually, when any or all of these are felt, it is the universe calling for us to change, perhaps to find our true purpose in life, or to simply have a change in mindset.

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To be able to start the road to change for the better, here are some of the steps that you need to accept or accomplish: The Process

  1. Accept what you are feeling as truths – sometimes it is difficult to accept what we feel like truth, rather than just a fleeting emotion. Accepting is the first step to open yourself up for true change.
  2.  List down what you truly feel and want in life – it is important to have a roadmap for what you truly want in life. When you take this step, don’t doubt, just list the things that your know deep in your heart you desire the most, not out of some superficial wanting, but because it is truly what your life is for.
  3. Let go of the old – the old ways, the old things that don’t work in your life, the old things that cause sadness and doubt, prepare to let these things go, despite being attached to them after many years.
  4. START – this is the most important step. To actually take the leap of faith and begin your new journey for changing for the better. Whether this is a new career move, letting go of relationships, or simply taking the plunge and totally changing, this is it.
  5. Observe and check yourself without judgment –  letting go of the old and engaging in the new without judging yourself for any mistakes you may make is important. You are in the process of recreating yourself at this point and know that this is all part of the re-learning process of the new things you will engage in.
  6. Don’t fall back to the old – sometimes in the process of change, you will be tempted to fall back to the old ways. Remember that you discarded them for a reason, and while it might seem safe and comforting at the start, dwelling on the old will not help you move forward.
  7. Surround yourself with the right people – it is important to find a support system to be able to push you to your goal of change. Being with the old crowd that made you feel different and unaccepted is not going to help. Find people with the same goals as you and thrive!
  8.  Feel the passion and love – relish in the passion and love for yourself and the new changes you are going through. This is what will push you even further, as, especially in the beginning, when everything is shaky and uncertain, it is your passion and love for yourself and your own well-being that will propel you forward, to change for the better!

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