When Should You Listen to Binaural Beats?

When Should You Listen to Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats were discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1939. What he discovered was that when two frequencies from two different signals were presented in each ear, the brain detected the variation of the frequency and naturally tried to reconcile the difference. As the brain does this it creates its own signal, called a binaural beat. By listening to such beats your brain creates activity in the Alpha range leading to powerful concentration and relaxation and it only takes seven minutes for your brain to get used to the waves.


The effect of such beats is the same as the effects one would get after having meditated for a length of time. This is very beneficial to people who struggle with meditation as some find it difficult to relax their mind and close off their thoughts. Meditation has a wonderful effect on us as it helps with our inner growth and connecting with our higher selves. Anyone wishing to do this can listen to binaural beats and soak up the benefits. You will need to listen to the music through headphones and make sure you have time as it will take several minutes for your brain to adapt. Perhaps put fifteen or thirty minutes aside every day to do this.

There are great times to listen to this music but these times are different for everyone. Some like to start their day with this. By doing so, you are calming the mind and getting yourself set up for a great day. Others like to listen to it before bed because it helps them to get a deep, restful sleep. It also helps to clarify dreams so that any messages you feel are being conveyed to you will be a lot easier to decipher.

It can also be very effective to do affirmations or visualizations whilst listening. As your mind is in a very restful state, (a state of nonresistance) it can make everything a lot more powerful for you. By reciting affirmations in your head for thirty minutes whilst listening can have a large impact and the results can be more rapid. Visualizing is on the same lines too, as visualizing whilst listening can speed up any manifestation. As you are in a restless state you are allowing more into your life. You are at peace and working with the universe.

Binaural beats are a wonderful tool for anyone looking to improve their life. It is a way of helping anyone who wants to feel the benefits of meditation but struggles to make it a daily habit. It is also a way to close off and be at one with you and your higher self. This can all lead to stress reduction, happiness, alignment, and a general sense of well-being. It also helps to awaken the third eye leading to more spiritual experiences and heightening your inner senses. It may take a while for your brain to train itself, as it does for everyone, but making this a priority will soon allow you to feel the difference. You will feel the happier you which is really just and should be, the real you.

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