With Shadows’ Help: What Is Sciomancy?

With Shadows’ Help: What Is Sciomancy?


Divination has often been attributed to the skill of the diviner, tapping into a cosmic power, or asking higher beings like gods. But for millennia, diviners have also sought answers from another source: the shadows, using the divination technique of sciomancy.

Light and dark

Sciomancy is a form of divination that taps into the power and knowledge of shades and shadows –that of the living or the dead- which many believe have origins dating back to the ancient civilizations of Chaldea and Greece. The term is derived from the Greek word “scia” meaning shadow, and “manteia” which means prophecy. It is said to have come from when these people would mark points of shadows made by the sun and the moon, and use those points to hide their valuables, which is useful during war, famine, or expulsion.  In addition, during these ancient times, people could not explain yet what shadows projected by people really are. They thought that human shadows contain part of their soul, so anything that happens to it is a reflection of the fate of the person.

From there, the value and potency of shadows grew into a divination technique.

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The methodology of this technique requires the diviner to examine the shape, size, and color of shadows and how it changes its appearance and movement, in order to draw visions and portents for the future. For instance, one popular sciomantic reading comes from seeing a living person project a shadow that is headless, and sometimes, have no shadow at all. This is a very bad open, and usually brings with it a destined great misfortune, whether it is a significant illness or injury, loss of wealth or power, or even death.

But it is not just the living’s shadows that sciomancers read from. The word “scia” also means “shades”, shadowy forms of the dead, whether their spirits, or their bodies that have been brought to unlife. How sciomancy works in this case is communicating with those spirits, actively asking questions and seeking answers. There is an instance of this technique in the Christian Bible when a witch summons the soul of Samuel, in order to guide Saul for his battle.

In both kinds of sciomancy, observing the shadows properly is the key to find answers, and as such is not easily done by just anyone.

Sciomancy today

While there are people who practice sciomancy in modern times, they are few and far between, as this ancient art is not so easily accessible, and takes years of practice to even begin understanding. However, there are books and guides available, all starting with the advice to observe shadows and let their meanings naturally flow to you. From then, the practice can developed over time.

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