The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, whether it be what we perceive as a small or a larger injury. It is easy to notice bruises fade and grazes sew themselves up but what about what we perceive as something more serious? Due to what we see around us we tend to put different bodily conditions into categories; serious, not serious, easy to heal, critical. This is totally normal for us otherwise we struggle to wrap our minds around what is going on within us. However, there is no need for such thing and it would benefit us to release this way of thinking because disease is only our cells telling us our thoughts have dis-ease.

The body is made up of trillions and trillions of conscious cells which all have their own vibration. These cells are in communication with the inner part of you; your inner being. Every time we think thoughts, the thoughts are connecting with our inner being which connects with our cells. Negative thoughts over many years can cause illnesses but these illnesses are only a reminder. They are only telling you that you are focusing on a negative vibration more than you are a positive one. Once we are aware of this we can appreciate the information and allow healing.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and it is up to us to allow it. Our body has a natural flow of energy that is released through us and illness is created by not allowing this energy to flow. In other words, it causes a blockage. The body can heal itself, it can begin to do so in a day but it is our mind, our thoughts and what we allow ourselves to hear around us that stops the body from doing what it is supposed to do. With knowledge of such dis-ease, we automatically create a desire in our mind for wellness but our doubts stop that wellness from coming to us.

Healing comes to us if we release all resistance. The body is designed to heal itself, it is what it was made to do and it will absolutely do this if we do not stop it. Many times, it is the world around us that tells us we cannot. Doctors give out a prognosis or friends relate to their negative stories to us. It is important to not focus on this and to focus on what the body is telling you; to focus on the wanted rather than the unwanted. It can be difficult for some to not focus on the illness once they have it but it is not focusing on the illness that keeps it there, it is focusing on all the other unwanted parts of your physical experience like focusing on lack on money, family dramas, sour relationships and complaining about all these different experience that prevents you from enjoying all the deliciousness that is in your life.

We can receive everything we want by looking within and not expecting it to be given to us from the outside. We bring everything to us by our inner beliefs and our inner guidance. We can achieve anything and have anything simply by putting our thoughts on what we desire. By doing this we are allowing our natural flow of energy to circulate around us and our cells to vibrate as they should. The path to wellness is to align with ourselves and do what we can everyday to stay there. This does not have to be a chore as our minds naturally want to be soaring and our bodies want to enjoy their physical experience; we must allow ourselves the satisfaction of doing so.

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