How Does Other People’s Energy Affect Us?

How Does Other People’s Energy Affect Us?

The more we begin to notice other people’s energy, the more we slowly start to choose who we wish to spend our time with. Our time is very precious to us, some of us are very busy and find it tough to fit people in whilst others find time to surround themselves every day with certain people. When we do meet others it feels great to walk away feeling happy and inspired and generally good about ourselves. We do not want to walk away feeling defensive or agitated or questioning ourselves.

We are all very different, it is what makes our world fun. We all have different goals, different opinions, and aspirations and from those people, we can pick out the parts we would like to take forward and leave parts behind that do not satisfy us, but sometimes it is easy to take negative comments from people and allow ourselves to get lost in them or carry them around with us like a weight.

Observing the energy of others


We can tell a lot about people by the way they communicate with us and each other. We can tell if they are happy or sad, if they are calling out for help or not, we can tell so much about them by the way they present themselves. If we are surrounded by people who are content with themselves then that is portrayed on to us and we leave feeling aligned and grateful for their time.

However, others who are unhappy will leave the same mark but with a negative one and we can easily be affected by that energy. We are all living our lives and we all have stories to tell. It feels satisfying to be someone to lean on but if we are not aligned, ourselves, then that person can weigh us down. If we are choosing to spend time with someone with very low energy then it can help us to first make sure our energy is sky-high in order for it to stay there and not be dragged down through the mud.

“There are only two kinds of people who can drain your energy: those you love, and those you fear. In both instances, it is you who let them in. They did not force their way into your aura, or pry their way into your reality experience.”
– Anthon St. Maarten 

How much negativity is in our lives? 

Over time, as we get better at making sure we are feeling happy and positive, what we will notice is that people with this low energy do not attract us. For me personally, there is not one single person I do not enjoy spending time with and all the people that I once found to be a challenge do not tend to contact me anymore. This is because my energy is so high that they cannot reach me from their lower vibration.

It is fun to meet new people and learn more about who they are and what makes them tick. Chances are, we will attract the right people into our lives at the right time to teach us something that we are wanting to learn. We are powerful beings and we can choose to rise above anything or anyone that no longer serves a purpose. The happier we feel the more we realize how important it is to stay positive and not let anyone affect our energy because our energy is the most important thing. It is was makes us who we are, it gives us strength and it gives us meaning, and if we make it a priority it will always serve its purpose for us.

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