The Importance of Shielding and How To Do It

The Importance of Shielding and How To Do It

For those of us who are highly sensitive, it means that we can be around positive people and feel the uplifting benefits of their energy. As we are open to light and energy it is common for our frequency to allow others in and feel swept away by other energies. However, if their energy is negative, it can leave us feeling drained. We can, of course, pick and choose who we wish to spend our time with but what about environments with large groups of people that we cannot avoid?

“Shielding is just like using an umbrella when it’s raining. It’s just common sense, and has nothing to do with fear or paranoia.”
– Doreen Virtue 

Shielding through meditation 

It can help many people to learn how to shield themselves, firstly whilst meditating. We can do this by asking for protection from our spirit guides or angels before we relax our minds. We can also do a step-by-step guided meditation to protect ourselves whilst we relax our minds and to keep our energy protected throughout the day. Along with this, we can also use crystals by holding them in our hands or by having the crystals near us. The best crystals to use are Amethyst, Obsidian, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Lapis Lazuli.


Shielding through visualization 

A technique that many find effective is to visualize a protective layer around themselves and also around others. If we are around someone with negative energy we can imagine them in their own bubble or put them in a bell jar made of thick glass and a tight seal.
We can also surround ourselves with light. We can do this whilst meditating and also in everyday circumstances. When we are amongst the hustle and bustle of the day, surrounded by so many different energies we can surround ourselves with different colors to protect ourselves in specific environments.

White:     Surrounds us with love from our angels
Pink:       Protects against negativity and allows only love to come in
Gold:      Helps to boost confidence and creativity
Blue:      Surrounds us with calmness
Purple:   Protects us from lower vibrations and negativity
Green:    A light to encourage our healing
Silver:    Boosts our intuition and helps when we are in the public

Sometimes we do not always realize the effect that other energies have on us on a day-to-day basis. If we are sensitive to energy or in touch with our emotions we can unexpectedly allow our energy to drain. We can also allow our energy to be depleted the more we awaken because our souls become so bright that we can become vulnerable but we can use these techniques to protect ourselves and keep ourselves guarded. Also, by keeping our energy high, we get to be those people that others want to spend time with and if they are anything as sensitive as us, they will only want to be around us when our energy is high which gives us a great vantage point as we can allow others to show us where our frequency is.

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