What Is The “Higher Self”?

What Is The “Higher Self”?

We’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘higher self’ at some point in your online browsing encounters, and we are sure some of you have stopped to wonder what that specifically meant. As we engage in the more metaphysical part of human existence to convey this topic, we encourage you to allow your mind and heart to open more.


We all have ‘lower selves’ and ‘higher selves. Our lower self is usually referred to as the ego, it is the left side of the brain that works from the ‘I’ premise. The higher self is our light, our real selves, so to speak.

“You have a lower self which you can call your ego, that’s that little scandalous fellow that’s always out for me. Behind the ego, there is the inner self, the inward light, the real self- the spirit which is substantially identical with God.” – Alan Watts 

The first step to being able to hear your higher self is to meditate and start noticing all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can start to separate your higher and lower self. If thought is being given to you by your lower self it feels uneasy, it feels uncomfortable, even painful. The more painful it feels then the further away it is from your high self. By doing this we become observers. This is easy to do once we know how but learning to do so can take time. Becoming an observer stops us from judging others and ourselves as we watch and listen intently. As we listen and observe our thoughts the more we can learn about where that thought came from. We can do this by not allowing our feelings to take over our judgment.

Our higher self is eternal and indestructible, after all, we have been carrying it around with us through many lifetimes. The more we listen to our higher selves the more we shall hear it and the less we shall hear our lower selves as one takes over from the other. It is very easy to get caught up with our higher selves as it is with our lower ones. According to the teachings of Abraham Hicks, it takes seventeen seconds for a thought to attract to your current thinking pattern. If we are listening to our lower self, it would only take seventeen seconds for another low-energy thought like that to join it and so on. Before you know it your lower self is extremely loud and you cannot hear your higher self. This goes both ways. The more we listen to our higher self, the less we’ll hear the lower.

As our higher self is that of God, it will never set us wrong. It is our spirit, our soul, our inner being that guides us to all the right places- it never leads us astray. It is our ego that is always trying to out-whit ourselves. As we go through life we are always seeking pleasures. It is natural for us to hop from one hobby to the next, looking for those pleasures but after time they begin to disappoint us. By looking within, to our higher self, we will find that pleasure and that peace we have always craved and it will remain. It is a lasting journey of self-love and new desires always get added to the path. If we listen to our higher self we will always be pointed the best way for us.

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