Always Listen to YOU

Always Listen to YOU

Fear is the indication of resistance. It is never a good idea to move forward when we feel fear because it is when your inner being, the being that knows the real you and loves you and knows what it is you want, has a difference in opinion to what you have been focusing on. It serves you to acknowledge your fear as a guidance that what you are thinking of is something unwanted. It is telling you that you are thinking something that your inner being is not a match to. If we trust that our inner being knows what we want then we should trust it and believe that by following a path through fear cannot serve you a purpose. It is telling you your focus is off of your path to what you desire.


When we make decisions from a negative stance, the circumstances of those decisions can be detrimental and we have all seen it in others. If someone makes a snap decision out of anger, fear and resentment to quit their job then it is likely that leaving that particular job will cause hassle, finding a new job will cause even more and the likelihood of that person finding their dream job afterward is pretty slim. If however, we decide that we would like to find a new challenge then give it time and wait until you are aligned with the idea to make the decision from this stand point. Listen to your inner being, wait until it feels right and then make your move. If we do this every step of the way then we are doing what our inner being is guiding us to do and our inner being is never wrong. It always knows what we want and what we desire and wants nothing more than to bring it to us now.

That uncomfortable feeling in your gut is telling you not to go there. This is the feeling of separation. Your inner being is always on a high vibration and because you are on a lower vibration it feels uncomfortable to you. Your inner being is never going to meet you down there so it is your job to get up higher. Once you are up there, and aligned, then every move you make will feel joyous and will run so smoothly that your friends and family will look on at you in amazement of what you just achieved.

So, do not let your mind take you to places that do not feel good to you. If they do not feel good then they are not for you. That feeling of fear is letting you know that if you proceed down this path, it cannot develop in your favor. When we feel this we should stand still and start to think a new thought and make a new plan, because by the time you begin to feel fear, it means you have had a lot of time focused on it and over that time, resistance has been created. If we stop focusing on them then they will fade and allow better to come to you. Every time.

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